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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by lawnkid, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. lawnkid

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    I am looking into purchasing a Landscape Design Software Program for my computer. After doing a search, it seems that Dig Design software, PRO Landscape, and Punch MasterLandscape seem to be the popular vote. they all seem to be pretty good programs but I have also noticed that PRO Landscape is being sold for around $1200. Thats a little steep for what I wanna pay so if you guys could give me any suggestions that would steer me to one of these. If you have one of these or any others that you like using, please tell the pro's and con's and about how much you paid for it. Thanks much.
  2. mowitup

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    I just bought Punch! Master Landscape today. I don't really like it for the fact that it doesn't let you search the plants that you want. It has a big list of them, but you can't type in the name you want and find it. The other features look cool but judging from this simple flaw I ran into, it might be worth it to go to the next level. I'm looking now into the $200 range.

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