Landscape Trailer Sales In NOVA, MD or South PA

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dhicks, May 27, 2000.

  1. dhicks

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    I'm in the market for an 18' foot open landscape trailer. Those that I have seen in my neck of the woods are nothing to write home about. They are too small or the dealer wants a small fortune. Any trailer dealers in northern Virginia, Maryland, Lancaster/York Pennsylvania area that you could recommend would be appreciated!<p>----------<br>--Disneyland on the Potomac - ICQ[icq]31223414[/icq]<br>
  2. Guido

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    Theres a great place I know of in Wilm, deleware and another in CT. HUGE selections. Four Acres Trailer Sales, Inc. in Deleware<br><br>Phone:(302)994-1500<p>If you e-mail Joyce Prettyman at the above address she will send you a good size info pack and price lists. You never know it might be worth the trip.<p>----------<br>&quot;guido&quot;<br>David M. Famiglietti
  3. Barkleymut

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    Check out MidAtlanic Trailer Sales in Richmond. 90 miles south of DC. They sell Texas Bragg trailers, the best in my opinion even though I don't own one. I think $2500 is about what you will pay for an 18' but don't quote me on it, check them out. They seem to be very good at what they do.
  4. sunrise

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    Shenavalley Trailers<br>4623 Lee Highway<br>Warrenton Va. 20187<br><br>888-743-6825<br>540-341-4974 fax<br>This place sells Mid-Atlantic and a lot of others<br>Hope this helps
  5. dhicks

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    Thanks to all. NOW I have a starting point!<br><p>----------<br>--Disneyland on the Potomac - ICQ [icq]31223414[/icq]<br>
  6. columbiaplower

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    what state do you live in? im in maryland. if you are tell me and i gots some places for you .<br>-nick
  7. dhicks

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    I live in Maryland, Near Frederick.<p>----------<br>--Disneyland on the Potomac - ICQ [icq]31223414[/icq]<br>
  8. columbiaplower

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    im in columbia try truckin' america they have tons of them<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: columbiaplower

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