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    Hello everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself to all of you. I started out 5 years in the Landscape business building brick and rock walls. I then was given the opportunity to learn how to use machines to do alot of different things. As the jobs went by I decided to start my own business. I started out doing all the work myself which was quite rewarding. I've been able to tackle alot of challenges including picking up irrigation and my favorite thing to do is play with water. So here's some pics....Enjoy

    Well call this the Lang Job. We started with the back. Dropped trees, added grand stair case, fire pit, play area with play chips, added an additional 3 areas one with a new rock wall, irrigation, water hydrants for watering, expanded additional parking and hydroseeded. We then did the front yard. Working within a budget can be challenging at times but keeping the big picture in view always gets the best results.

    The back yard took about 1 month worth of work and $26K, The front took about 1 1/2weeks and $5K. All together we have about $32K invested in the yard. The clients have yet to add the promised soft scape plants but the results were definitely stunning. Just so you know...your viewing a 1 acre site. 29,000 sq/ft of hydroseed and 2K of sod.

    Lang Landscape Pictures 022.jpg

    Lang Landscape Pictures 027.jpg

    Lang Landscape Pictures 029.jpg

    Lang Landscape Pictures 040.jpg
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    This job was a very interesting job. In order to see the photos of the before and after you will need to click on the link above. If your familiar with Snapfish sometimes you need to sign in with an account to see the pictures since I have saved the pictures on a 3rd party server to save space on my computer.

    We started off with some ideas from the past owner that were very ambitious but the new owners wanted simplicity and good flow which the old yard did not have. So we started with the back on a 1 acre plot. We removed a huge stump, the old dry river bed, and added more definition and flow through raised beds, a 30' pondless water feature, new trees and plants and shrubs, and about 16K feet of new grass. 160 yards of dirt was added and we also cleaned out the perimeter, added some natural pathways through the forest and laid down cedar wood chips for a clean but natural look. We added 6 zones of irrigation to their existing system and then proceeded to the front with new plants, some more beds and grass. We added some 2-3 man rocks through out the landscape to add alot of rich texture. Time on job combined was 1 1/2 month. Cost... $34K with labor. Water feature was roughly $6K as the materials for the rocks/Featherstone soared into the stratosphere but it's what the customer wanted... Hydroseeding was .10 a square foot x 16K sq/ft of grass. Plants $2500 worth of additional plants added.:usflag:
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    Looks good!
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    That is so nice. I wish someone in our area would want to drop that kind of money on there yard!!!
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    Well this next project I want to share with you all was probably one of the most challenging projects I worked on. The client lived on a golf course and wanted their yard to represent an "Relaxing Environment" but still maintaining the functionality for entertaining guests and family. They started out with a complete backyard/grass with a rock wall that was built prior to level out the back yard. We set a budget at $56K. I first stripped the yard with a TL-130 Takeuchi. I then dug out the latter part of the yard for a two tier effect that would give the yard a larger feel. I then wrapped the wall intoward the house and poured a cement rat slab staircase that would have slab over the top. I then ran all the wiring for the lights that was ordered through a local vendor. We added a water feature/3-colum bubbler with a tiered look/pondless. Then added all rock wall around the play area to keep the pea gravel in it's area. I then finished with the hardscape and Iron Mountain flagstone to the front of the house and had the sub contractor also put iron mountain flag running along the lower 4" of the wall to add to the effect. We then added a Iron Arbor with a gate and updated the front with a new raised bed and new Focal points for trees and shrubs and more lights. I need to thank the many who helped out in this project. It took about 2 months worth of work and a hole lot of Love!:usflag:
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    Added some additional to the previous job "Herring" but I was unaware of the 10min. rule!
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    This next job was a process as it was started in the late fall and was restarted in the early spring due to weather. The customer had a 17' vertical difference from his house to the shop. The client wanted to have rock walls put around his yard. We added 1400 linear feet of rock wall 4' tall/ with an additional 1' toe. Drainage was included with 4" socked pipe and 2' clean ballast tied together to cement catch basins in the yard. We had a Hitachi 220 size excavator, Takeuchi 16k pound excavator, TL 130, a Big 8K pound road vibrator, on site dumptruck. Much thanks to Iron Mountain Quarry for supplying all the rock which was bought direct from the quarry and the transport/hauling was provided by TopGrade Topsoil, Riverside Sand and Gravel. I can say we saved probably 100K from having the quarry only 10 min. away. 5 acres is alot of space but if done right can really look nice.
    After all the walls were put in. We raised the road level 12" in some places. Cost $150K +/- with labor. The biggest challenge of this job was curtailing any rainfall as even the smallest amount of rain in sand caused alot of issues. To solve this we dug an 5' deep trench all the way around the sandy hill area which allowed us to work unimpeded.
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    Here are some other pictures of some other jobs that really turned out well.
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    First off the first post had some pictures of the after but not of the before. "Lang job"

    Gamon Job: 1 acre lot $46K total front and back 27,000 sq/ft of grass

    Barb's Home: 1 acre lot, 17K sq/ft of grass/sod/ $145K(premium plant bought) Subcontractor working for Premier Landscaping

    Gozo's Home: $16K 1/3 acre...Sod/hydroseed

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