Clonts Landscaping

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Monroe NC
Has anyone tried Its supposedly a database to comercial contract leads in certain areas. The problem is it's $150 a month. Which really would not be that bad if it's legit. Any feedback would be great.


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Thomaston, CT
I use Its a lot of construction bids, but there is a lot of landscape installs on there. Same price range, I haven't bid anything on there yet

Bunton Guy

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charlotte nc
I tried it for 3 months. Roughly 30 commercial properties that were listed in that time that I could have the chance to bid. It will tell you when they bid and who to contact. I contacted the people they said to and 99% of them said " we aren't taking bids" or " we are happy with who we have"

the other 1% would tell you " let me check with my boss im not sure "

It was a huge waste of money. It looked VERY promising from the start. I called my local office to chew them out. I asked how they generated their leads? And asked WHY ALL of them were NOT interested in getting any bids.

Not to mention in the "notes" section on each client 25% of them said in the notes " we aren't taking bids at this time" SO WHY PUT THEM ON YOUR SITE AS A QUALITY LEAD!!!


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Oklahoma City OK
We've had a few commercial jobs listed on our site but not a lot. I worked for a commercial property company for a LONG time and I can tell you once you're in you're in, that said it's hard to get "in". They deal with hundreds of different vendors, they just want to deal with someone they know.

All said Our site lets you create a FREE listing and will email you when there are jobs to bid on. The listing will always be free so it's free advertising.

Also here's a free tool you can use to do satellite measurements


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Franklin, TN
I tried for a few months last year and I got one small job and one commercial job. And i gave itanither try this year and it was worst but maybe they were not targeting my area. i would call everyone right away and 95% of people were getting 10 other bids and the first worst out of their mouth was cheap and didn't care for quality at first I wasted a lot of time and I learned how to weed them out on the phone. Good luck