Landscaper - Would like to build a small greenhouse for annuals

Discussion in 'Nurseries and Growers' started by BrendonTW, Aug 18, 2011.

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    I would like to construct a small green house for raising only annuals in. I probably only need 200-400 square feet. Especially if I can build two levels for the plants.

    Just looking for some advice. I know nothing about greenhouses or nursery raising. I can think of climate control and irrigation as essentials. What else am I looking at in getting this thing going? Would you recommend anything specific for the walls/ceiling of the thing? Plastic? Canvas? I really have no idea where to start.
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    Did you build a greenhouse? I just bought a kit from Oregon Valley Greenhouses.
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    I ran some numbers a few years back when I was considering growing some annuals. I couldn't see any profit in growing on a small scale like you are talking. I guess it could be different in other areas depending on what prices local growers are offering. But if you are determined my advice would be to look for used greenhouses at a bargain. That way you have less to lose.
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    Here are some plans for building a greenhouse, greenhouse benches, and a propagating frame.

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    I built a small greenhouse from 2x4 and poly carb panels that I purchased locally. It is arounf 125 sq. ft. It works ok but I just put up a Harbor Freight Greenhouse 10x12. This kit I purchased for 575.00 and it is not the best kit in the world. It takes some work to support it for snow and you have to do some work to keep the panels from blowing off. If you go on Garden and put in Harbor Freight greenhouse you will be able to see what I mean. There are many people who have purchased one of these and we all share problems and fixes. You can contact me and I can explain about the kit. At this time I have mine all set for growing, Lights, benches all materials needed except I am still researching a good heat source. With all the snow we have been getting and the cold you need a good source of heat. So far so good. I clean my greenhouse of snow on the roof during the storm and I have been lucky. I put alot of extra support and other things to make it sturdy. Hope you choose the right kit but so far I think this one will make me some money.
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    You can build a hoop house very cheaply if you have the time. Mine is 20 x 50 and the frame only cost $250. I think my last order of greenhouse plastic was about $500. You need uv stabilized plastic if you go with plastic. Spend the extra $ and get the ir film it will make a huge difference in your fuel bill. A propane heater is the easiest to install, usually the most expensive to run. This year prices are way down though. Occasionally you can find a modine hot dawg heater (used in warehouses & garages) on craigslist but they probably have an aluminum heat exchanger rather than stainless steel (preferred).
    I have a picture of mine on my website. If you want building instructions let me know.

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