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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Dirty Water, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. Dirty Water

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    A few years ago we installed a small 3 zone spray head system to do a about 1000 sq feet of raised landscape beds. The homeowners apparently got tired of that landscaper and had a local hotshot guy (20 years old, thinks he owns the world) come in. He put a nice water feature in it, and tore our system to pieces (even in area's that he shouldn't have had to touch.)

    Anyways, I spent the last two days doing a complete reinstall, this time with 300 series Stream Rotors as per his request.

    The only thing I didn't replace was a the mainline to the manifold, though I moved the valves over about 15 feet.

    He had broken the mainline a couple times, and repaired it already when I had got there. In the back of my head I though about flushing out the line, but I didn't do it.

    So, after I have 4 valve installed in a valve box, and I pressurize the main, all 4 stick open.

    Hurray! DVF-100's take a while to take apart when your in a cramped box, and each one had a few rocks stuck under the diaphragm.

    This guy is going to see a nice bill.
  2. olderthandirt

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    You seen a potential problem and did not check it or fix it so now your gonna pass on the cost to your customer ??
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    LOL, you assumed he was billing the customer, and I assumed the landscaper was liable for all damage not in the immediate location of the project. Putting the system back should be the landscapers problem first and foremost, and unless the contract states otherwise, the right idiot getst he bill. Rack it and pack it Jon. Education is NEVER cheap payup
  4. Dirty Water

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    No, you missunderstood. The Bill is going to be large, because what could have been a few simple repairs was needlessly made into a complete reinstall.

    I still don't understand how he managed to do what he did.
  5. olderthandirt

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    Sorry my misunderstanding! But you can't figure out of he managed to screw a whole system up ?? lol
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    There isn't a problem. The landscaper tore up your sprinkler system while doing a rennovation. They called you to fix it. The fix turned out to be a complete reinstall. Charge accordingly. I'm guessing the homeowner realizes that there were extensive repairs required. Just make sure you are charging for the repairs/reinstall at your regular rate and that you are not charging for your aggravation at the landscaper for doing the damage.

    As for the rocks in the mainline, you rolled the dice and came up craps. So you have to pay for it. It's all still part of the repair. It just took you 2-3 minutes per valve to get those rocks out. Oh wait, you tried cramming those four valves in a valve box and had to stand on your head with you arm around behind your neck to get at that fourth valve didn't you? I told you guys that a 12x18 box is a good fit for 3 valves. I told you, I told you. (chuckle). At any rate, you still charge for the timer it took to make the necessary repairs. Easy as that.

  7. BSME

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    Jon... you really 21 years old as well? if so, just hate the landscaper for being a hotshot and not young...

    I agree with olderthandirt that (especially in the lawn mowing) those kids aren't professionals but I take offense when people don't take me seriously just because my facial hair doesn't come in real thick yet....

    -I'm completely insured
    -Certified by the IA
    -I would like to go on and on but I hate arrogance
  8. Dirty Water

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    I'm 21, but I'm not a hotshot.You can tell at a glance people who are mature enough to handle a business, and people who aren't.

    On a side note, thin facial hair at 21? Not a problem here. hehe.

    Jerry: I'm not going to charge a "grievance charge" for the annoyance. Its just going to be a very expensive repair job, that didn't have to be.

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