Landscaping a drycreek bed

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by MattMall, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. MattMall

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    I would like to know what you guys have used to landscape a dry creek bed as far as plants go. I want something that is low maintenanace and has year round color. Thanks for you suggestions-Matt:cool:
  2. D Felix

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    Is it dry year-round?

    If not, how much rainwater flows through it at any given time?

    I'd probably start with grasses, something that will root deeply to help hold the soil, in addition to being more drought tolerant....

  3. EagleLandscape

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    Not many things are going to have year round "color" But like D Felix said, start with grasses. You can go with a large monkey grass, or a large variegated liriope (silver dragon) is a good one, and thats got 2 colors to it.
  4. ParkerLawn

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    from KY
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    You won't have anything that blooms year round but phlox is a good plant to use that looks natural in that setting and blooms nicely also.
  5. joshua

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    trees, with showly bark- red stem dog wood or yellow stem dogwood, river birch, tri color beech, american beech, ect. grasses and pholx are a good start. hostas, day lillis, easter lillis, and the list keeps going. whenever i design i always ask if the customer wants blooms if so when ( spring, summer, fall ) and what color or colors. always i keep in mind what the site calls for, shade, sun, some of both. what type of soil, sandy, heavy clay, ect. and the soil ph. hopefully you take everything i mention under consideration.

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