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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by stan1971, Jul 8, 2008.

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    Hi there

    we are new to this site and looking for some help we have been in the asphalt parking lot maintenance business for 15 years and recently added a new landscaping division to our company. Over the past 3 years we have had alot of our current customers ask would we be interested in handling there landscaping for there properties and we have always said no. I thought we could sub contract this out but would be more hasle than its worth if we would do this in house so we decided to purchase the equipment and get started with a few clients, and things seem to be working fine but I feel that our pricing for the Commercial clients with the apartments need to be adjusted, currently we have a prospect that has 10 properties and is asking us to price out our bid based on the number of doors they have on each property? We have handled there paving and maintenance for all these locations for 12 years and we need help regarding this type of pricing. It would be a great contract to have being its annual. I am just looking for some inside secrets on basing a fair price to them on what they want which pricing on each door. They have said its for weekly lawn maintenance and annual flowers, and pine needles once a year....
    If any one could assist me on this I would welcome any feed back

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    How to say what to say :dizzy:

    So tell me, do you price paving jobs by counting the number of doors surrounding the area?
    And, why not?

    Now I'm still not sure if I'm supposed to laugh right about now, or if I should be upset.
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    Because I am torn between wondering whether you're really this naive or maybe the customer simply caught you off guard, then I would have to say I am sorry... On the other hand I also wonder if this is some sort of prank, hence my confusion.

    On the one hand you claim you've been in business twice my number of years, and that alone makes this question so impractical, so senseless... And a customer of almost as many years, maybe he's just so inexperienced and maybe I'm willing to give the customer the benefit of the doubt first, then again maybe someone has a great sense of humor because by the time I have both a supposed long-term customer and a veteran business owner having gone over the same stupid question without catching the joke within one begins to wonder, you see?

    Because I have never in my life had anything to do with paving, but I can assure you if anyone ever asked me to estimate such a job I would most likely start with square footage and the complexity of the job, then add in the raw materials needed and the number of hours I think it will take to complete the job and go from there :p

    And rocket science it might not be, but we don't price by the number of doors surrounding a work area although at one time I did think of pricing cemeteries based on the number of headstones, but that didn't go over really well either.
    On that note maybe that's what this is about, what goes around must come around so it done came back on me.

    Peace out
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    Thanks for your reply.

    But I am a little lost of what you meant. Anyways there current contractor is charging them $13.50 per door at one of there apartments and they have 250 units so that comes to $3375 for the monthly lawn maintenance which is done on a weekly basis, so that is why I was asking about the door pricing many of the contractors in are area price this way. As I stated we are new to this field asphalt paving has been our main core business and the only reason we added lawn maintenance was we had clients ask if we had any interest and we did and one a few contracts, but I am not sure about pricing by the door. Just was asking for some help and feed back from folks who have been doing this longer than we have.

    Again thanks

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    Pretty easy, figure out what you need to the montly charge to be and divide that by how many doors there are......
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    you may be getting into an area that could be a real PITA for ya....

    to Landscape you will need to know about plants and such, not only the types but full sun to part, watering, fert. and about birds, and butterflys and things of this nature.

    as you know many plants attract certain pirds and insects that some may consider pest.
    it's an entirely diffrent ball game....

    Good luck on your decission

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