landscaping bark or pine straw?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by goldsboro, Aug 30, 2006.

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    hello im new to the forum...

    i bought my home last year and it was new construction. the landscaing was done before i bought the house. my planters and borders around my house have red wood chips/bark and various types of plants and shrubs. i t looked excellent for the first 8 months and was easy to control the weeds as there were only a few here and there.

    well, i have lived in the house for a year and a half now and i am fighting a battle with crab grass and weeds in my planters.the weeds are growing on top of the the felt under the wood when i pull the weeds they come out easily. BUT...they have taken over parts of my planters and come
    back as fast as i pull them. with all the rain in the southest its hard to get out there sometimes and pul all the weeds...

    ive done some research and maybe you guys can help me. im considering removing all the red wood chips and weeds, and putting down pine straw over the felt weed barrier. my neighbor has done this and she says that she gets hardly any weeds anymore.

    i have also read that the landscaping barks and wood chipps can sometimes carry weed seeds before they even get layed down on your property...

    any suggestions? should i go with pine straw?
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    Even If You Go With Straw You Will Still Have To Treat The Area With Round Up To Keep The Weeds Under Control. You Should Put Straw Or Mulch Out At Least Twice A Year.
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    Pull out the fabric completely. I don't know about pinestraw but any thick mulch will do then top with several inched of bark. If the weeds can't get light they can't grow so mulch thickly. The land fab is only provinding a good place for the weeds to grow. Crabgrass is a different story, it must be killed over and over and ove and carefully dug-out with as many roots as possible, don't chop it up and don't throw it around, kill it and dig it. Any new weeds that come up must be pulled before the go to seed. Stay on top of it and you will be ok in a few years with fresh mulch added on top every year.

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