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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by GetSomeGOJO, Mar 7, 2005.

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    So I blew it. This weekend is the Augusta County Home and Garden Show. In order to increase our presence, Peak Irrigation and Landscaping has generously decided to offer a few lectures during the course of the show. Problem is, I gave them the topics months ago without thinking too hard about them.

    Lecture #1 "Landscaping Best Practices"
    Seems simple huh... Except, what do I focus on? There are a million and one "best practices" to successful landscaping. Where to start.

    Anyhow, I reckon I'm looking for sound advice on tips for the homeowner, with selling points for the company. Any good ideas on where to begin, ect.

    I suspect this will become a valuable thread if we all put in two cents. I will probably leave this lecture as an outline when I'm done preping it and, Maybe we can convince a mod to sticky it. That way, anyone looking to do the same sort of creative marketing will have some guide lines.
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    I would probably say a good point to make is the importance of a good design and how important it is in the planning of a landscape. Insert sales pitch as to how you can help in this area w/ consultations and proffessional designs. Some other important topics are : Proper planting techniques, proper watering if they don't have irrigation (insert sales pitch), proper plant placement (light requirements, soil conditions), proper mulching depths, lighting techniques (one for you), bed mounding for proper drainage(very important IMO) This should be a start.

  3. WhohasHelios?

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    I would certainly focus on these key points myself:

    -Federal/provincial/state landscaping associations that matter in the industry. (Why belong, what they do)

    -Proper insurance

    -Legal knowledge ie: knowing what your due diligence is as a contractor

    -Not doing things that do not promote the utmost health and vitality of the
    landscape just for a sale. (Knowing what these things are)

    -Warranties in your area, what is reasonable and standard?

    These are the areas I would say are the least covered in my part of the world, and I would assume that is fair to say for most of the industry as a whole, but who knows...

    I really look forward to seeing more posts in this thread

  4. bigviclbi

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    How to pick a healthy plant, how to plant, where to plant, a list of plants for different conditions in your zone (i.e. sun/shade, irrigated/drought tolerant, high/low maintenance,) fertilizing, mulching, you could go on forever. Good luck with this, you are gonna get women that will try to "outsmart you" with their knowledge of plants and ask you innane questions. I did a show last week(lots of leads :) :) ) and had people "testing" my knowledge and taking up my time. Pi$$ed me off royally!
  5. kris

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    Landscaping Best Practices- Pretty huge topic ... let them know its an investment ,one that can add far more value then cost if done properly.
    It's a combination of good planning, good design, solid construction and proper maintenance.

    they should consider their needs ... uses of water...either irrigation or aesthatic like a water feature.... areas for children and pets.... patios,firepits for entertaining, Privacy needs... sun and wind protection,storage etc etc.

    a good design should address light, water and space requirements of plant material, soil and drainage conditions, right-of-ways etc etc.

    they should discuss their budgets freely and inquire about the companies qualifications,number of years in business, staff experience certifications etc etc...

    I have a feeling im getting way off topic...good luck
  6. GetSomeGOJO

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    Thanks to all for the already forthcoming ideas! Keep up the good work. By the way, that handsome devil workin' the echo on the splash page on our site is me! Check out that edge man!!!
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    I think if i were giving a talk like this i would steer away from the basics of business that we all complain about especially about being insured, taxes, scrubs. get over it already.

    why not talk about the customer, how they think, what they want to hear, sales techniques.... do some research about customer views on hiring a contractor, fears, expectations, how they view others.etc.....

    i am in college studying communication and ive learned a lot about people. (mostly customers in this case) if you can find some insightful information regarding communication techniques in sales i think that would be good also.

    again i would try to get off the band wagon of talking about the 'basics' not talking about deadbeat customers, and handing out flyers, and lowballing. it sounds to me like your talking to a group of people that are beyond that level of landscaping.

    you could always talk about what plants/shrubs/trees should go where and why, or they could open a book.... i see a speaker as listening to someone talk about something that is not common knowledge or knowledge that is not easily accessable to me

    just my .02
  8. kris

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    Hey! do you have ear protection on in that pic? LOL
  9. cgland

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    The way I took it is that GetSomeGOJO is doing a seminar for homeowners with some tips about landscaping their own home. Am I wrong?

  10. GetSomeGOJO

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    This is a seminar for homeowners, sorry for the lack of clarification.

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