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Our policy is. Any job with over $1000 in material cost, or any job over $2500 total needs a down payment

We are flexible based in the job, mainly I'm looking to get all the material paid for, plus something to help cover any direct labor expenses.

At a minimum 10% the day they sign

Material paid for when ordering.

I like 50% down. I have done 30% with signing, 30% the day materials are delivered and work has started. That's nice because you have 60% before you have done any major work.

Each state maybe different but, if the material is delivered you can charge for it in full.

On larger jobs, more than 3 days we tell the customers that we will talley up all work completed and every Friday they must cut us a check for any thing. Sometimes a 3 day project runs long so we just make it known ahead of time that is our policy.

I have found as long as you tell them ahead of time prior to signing, and you stick to your word on the start date, generally you don't have problems in asking for it
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