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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by vFer, May 5, 2014.

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    Not really sure what stone mulch is, but that's neither here nor there.

    Not to be "that guy," but we use non-woven geotex fabric. As much emphasis as possible should be placed on how little "stone mulch" we actually use...maybe a few ton a year, at best. We have lots of non-woven geotex for our jobs, so it's really a no brainer (and typically a no-cost option for us). If we allot 2-3 rolls of geotex for a project, and we have some left over, it doesn't get throw away. It's no issue for us to cut a few strips for decorative gravel, typically only over french drains for our projects.

    That's about all I've got.
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  3. vFer

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    That's what I've been hearing. It's going under river rock.
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    Ask might be cheaper then your $100 If its free shipping in the USA you know They guy already added the shipping price is his asking price
    I buy mine wholesale and that roll I buy for about $30 less
    Only shipping I get charge is a delivery fee of 15 dollars so I try buy 2-3k at a time
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    Tell more why you think its a scam

    I tell you Mulch is the biggest scam You have replace it every year That's waste of money Put rock down

    I had a Customer that I redone his beds I installed rock. He told me he paid $300 each year for 10 yrs for mulch
    His Lawn was installed same time by a different company I did the lawn next door 10 yrs ago and Beds was rock and even today they still look the same as it did from day one shrubs are bigger
    If you buy the best fabric and buy right size roll and install it right will last
    and if owner knows not to blow grass clippings in the beds
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    What about Poly Pro 68 fabric? Contacting a local nursery they've told me for some reason their distributor does not carry Pro 5. Has anybody used Poly Pro 68? It's almost too late to pay over $100 in shipping to get the fabric by the time I need it (now that I think about it, I think the roll itself may have been priced at almost $200 on that one...).
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    Landscape fabric in conjunction with mulch does not perform as advertised.

    If you don't understand why mulch--of the wood variety--is the best option in non-desert areas, you may want to do some research. There are many. And landscapers should know them.
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    couldn't agree with this more.

    That's why they started calling it "landscape fabric" …it used to be called "weed fabric" but all it does is make the weeds harder to pull.

    USe snapshot or treflan in beds to prevent weeds.

    Using fabric is like trying to use vinegar to kill dandelions.
  9. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    You must never did and Government Installs last one I did was in there specs to lay Pro 5 under there mulch
    7 years later still working very few weeds to pull I be luck fill a 5 gal bucket in years time with weeds I service it every week I run OCDC blockers
    I make sure no clipping get blown in the beds we make 3 pass before we turn around
    By the Government specs those beds get cleaned out every 3 years and install new mulch

    Like I said before its how it treated makes the difference
    I see guys all time blow crap in mulch beds and tree rings
    Mulch doesn't decay very fast.
    I installed trees and spec says red mulch So I did this 8 years ago
    Well 8 years later I won the bid and I removed all the mulch from trees
    Bottom layer was red mulch it was still there. The rest of the layers was natural oak and layer of black mulch and layer of brown
    I removed it all cause the guy never did kept adding and adding and mulch was 6-8'' high on the trees and foot deep at the edge and I was thinking everybody knows you cant do that. But some guys don't care they get paid how many yards they install.
    There is a point you have to remove the crap
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    You just made my point.

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