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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by vFer, May 5, 2014.

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    You don't fallow the government specs you don't get paid that is bottom line right there
    Things they want is dumb but you cant talk them in something else Its there way or they will find someone else to do it there way I been working for them way to long
    That's only book I fallow You don't rock the boat to much with 20k account on the line
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    Doesn't mean it's right

    My family did landscaping for the government for 20 years. A lot more than 20k

    They did some boneheaded things because of a guy in a cubicle
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    What do grubs eat?

    Where do grubs cause the most damage?

    I've never heard of treating beds for grubs.

    Benefits of mulch:

    Retain moisture (stones don't)
    Reduce ground temps (stones don't)
    Mimic nature (unless you're in the mountains or desert, stones don't)
    Decomposition\modify soil conditions (stones don't)
    Reduce weeds (stones don't)

    Benefits of stones:

    Keep window\glass companies busy (mulch doesn't)
    Keeps blade manufacturers busy (mulch doesn't)
    Keeps employees busy sharpening blades (mulch doesn't)
    Increases insurance premiums (mulch doesn't)

    I've said it before, I have multiple layers of fabric down in my plant holding area. I have weeds growing right through those multiple layers of fabric. Dirt and weed seeds that blow in between the rocks create a seed bed for weeds, so weeds can and do grow right on top of the fabric, as well as through it.

    Fabric does not allow the proper decomposition of mulch. It does not modify the soil composition over time. You said that yourself, you've pulled 3" of mulch off beds that hadn't changed color or decomposed at all. That's exactly the point, fabric defeats the purpose of mulch.

    And anyone applying 3" of mulch every year is ignorant. Should be an inch at most. At least by me.
  4. Mark Oomkes

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    The gov't also pays $600 for a toilet seat.

    The gov't is trillions of dollars in debt.

    The gov't hires idiot bureaucrats.

    I see specs from LA's that require trees to be staked. Even though a multitude of studies have shown that staking trees under 3" caliper is bad for them, especially when lawn guys don't have enough sense to remove them. I see LA's over spec the number of plants. Or place a tree that is too large next to a building or driveway or whatever.

    I don't follow or fallow the book either, because I am the one that will be managing these accounts down the road, and I want to do what is best for my customers.
  5. Kiril

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    Until people stop thinking of mulch as decorative instead of functional there will always be a problem here.

    Apply 3-4 inches of bark in the appropriate areas (i.e. per plant requirements) to get all the benefits you mentioned ... reduced evaporative losses, reduced soil temperature, reduced erosion. reduced weeds, organic matter inputs, etc ....

    Renew your bark only when it thins ... not every year, and certainly not remove and replace every 3 years.

    In my area, a redwood chipped bark at this application depth will last 5+ years before thinning to the point where more is needed (i.e. increased incidence of weeds and/or exposed soil).

    The only organic mulch i really do not like is gorilla hair shredded bark.
  6. whiffyspark

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    We do a one inch refresher every year.

    I had a customer 2 years ago that told me they wanted all their mulch removed and new out down. I said why? She said it gets built up to high. Told her that's why you DONT put 3 inches down every year.

    So we scrapped about an inch off and I put down 2 inches. She expected is to remove ALL of the mulch. Literally take a shovel and dig everything out that is only a year old. You know the customer is always right.. I got cussed out and called a hack by a 70 year old lady. 2 inches is just going to float away blah blah blah. She said she should have hired a "real company. I said what do you think I work for beer money?

    We left. And still got paid even though we only did half. Funny thing is her husband tried to apologize told me he was on my side. But it's his wife and he's not stepping on her toes lol
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