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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by lilbuddy, Apr 4, 2002.

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    I need help! I need to bid on a landscaping job for a homeowner. The house I am landscaping for is worth about 200,000. They want about 10 3ft shrubs planted in beds in the front yard. The area that the bushes will be planted need to be mulched, and weeded also. They also have an island in the center of the front yard that needs to be mulched and weeded. They want 2 bushes removed that are about 4-5ft in ht. and then he wants that mulched and weeded. There are six beds in the back approx. 6 X 3ft each. They all need to be weeded, mulched, and flowers planted of our choice. There are 4 trees in the front that need to be mulched around, but b4 we do that we have to take the dirt out, it is about 5 ft in perimeter. And rake gumballs and all debris in entire yard. I have to purchase all material needed. Please help I have never had a job this big. :confused:
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    Here is the way I would bid this Job.

    1.$32 to $35 per man Hour Labor

    2.If it is Hardwood $35 a Yard

    3.Bushes price you pay times2.8 to 3.0

    4.Soil prep for new plantings (manuer$3a bag and soil conditioner$5.50 a bag)

    5.Disposal $13 a yard

    6.Herb and Fert the beds estimate price according to amount used.

    we work in the same city this is the going rate but do whats best for you.
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    Thanks a lot. I appreciate all your help but I have a few questions about your response. What do you mean if it hardwood? And what type of herb and fertilizer do you use for the soil, this would be my first landscaping job? By the way do you know who I could subcontract out to fertilize and plant grass on their lawn, since we do live in the same city? Can you do it?
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    Cutright re your number 3. ... i have to question you on the way you are pricing shrubs ... if I have a ornamental worth $350.00 ..are you saying I should charge them ..$1050.00 for it?
  5. Cutright2002

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    Kris , Something that high dollar I would give a price more Like
    ($960.00) That is also with a full one year replacement warranty
    minus labor for install.

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