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Landscaping Jobs


LawnSite Member
North Atlanta
Hey all,

I am a completely burned out IT/computer professional. I am looking to get a job in landscaping somehow. I live in atlanta, love the outdoors, and don't want to spend my life strapped to a desk. I have no more expirience than doing my own lawn. If you do know of anyone looking few a healthy hard worker, please e mail me at skebum69@aol.com...you will be saving my sanity!


cutting edge

LawnSite Member
Americus, GA
I have not looked at an Atlanta paper in quite a while, but I do remember there always being ads in the sunday paper for landscape help.

good luck!


LawnSite Member
jeff landscape depot in fayetteville ga is looking for help need someone to make deliveires also wright's hyrdoseeding is needing some help they are in fayetteville too

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good luck!
25 years ago I had a dream of being a landscaper... this past year I was fortunate to run across a guy who moved from the area - had a maintenance route to sell. I bought into a new career (including a trailer & rental storage unit full of "stuff").
Eventually I'll be able to distinguish my butt from a hole in the ground, landscaping-wise, but for now I'm doing OK (and only a tiny fraction of my landscape customers cancelled - many more are raving about how good their yards look now)


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moline, IL
Will my late aunt lived in huntington beach. Their last name is fergy. I have 3 cousins with that last name.
That stil live there.