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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by jrussell555, Feb 17, 2004.

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    I was wondering what a person would do in my situation.

    I moved up to Idaho and got into business with a man that is no longer a part in my business. During this time in Idaho, I bought a New Holland LS-170, A Bradford Back ho attachment, 6' Dozer attachment with grouser tracks, a smooth 5' bucket, a cheyene boom, and pallet forks.

    I have now moved back down to SLC Utah along with all of that equipment. I am trying to get into the landscaping business. I love to do landscaping and have been doing it for the last couple of years (non professionaly) just on my own house, and freinds and family. I have put in wood fences, vinal fences, sprinkler systems, graded my own lot, and many other things in the landscaping business.

    The problem that I face is that I would like to do things the legitimate way and the professional way. This requires me to apply for a S-330 licence in the state of Utah for landscaping. So I talk to them and for me to do this I would need to have 2 years of W-2's to provide to the state if I were to be audited. I do not have 2 years of W'2. But I do have a company that has a 1 million dollar insurance liability pollicy for doing landscaping.

    My question is, should I do business without the S-330 and take the risk, or should I just keep paying the payments without any income because the state doesn't like entrepreneurs like myself trying to generate business. It's ok to open up a new shoe store or restaurant without having 2 years of experience but not a landscaping business.

    Let me know any thoughts.

  2. Wells

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    The way it works in SLC is you need the landscapers license if your doing work in excess of $1500. per job. With that in mind just keep to the smaller jobs and you'll be fine.

    You could also break out the jobs into pieces that don't exceed $1500. at any one time.

    But I wouldn't take the chance on getting caught doing the larger jobs without the license, the fines can be pretty stiff.

    Good luck with business this year.

    What part of SLC are you in?
  3. Lombardi

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    Does this mean you did not pay taxes for the past 2 years? I am assuming that the state just wants to see what you have done for the last 2 years financially in any field , not just landscaping. How could new businesses ever get started if they required you to have 2 years of income solely off landscaping?
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    Thanks for the reply. That is very good information to know. At least I know I can start doing things without worrying about getting busted.

    I currently live in sugarhouse, but I am moving to Kearns in the next month.

  5. jrussell555

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    Sorry to all about the last post. I was over at my friends house and he was logged in to this site and I responded under his login.

    To Lombardi, no this does not mean that I have not paid taxes for the past 2 years. However. I have been in a different field of work. I have been in the film industry for 14 years. In the "eyes" of the landscape contracting industry. This past industry that I have been involved in does not qualify me to gain a licence into a new industry. If all they wanted was my w2 for the past 2 years of employment I would gladly provide them.

    But when the state would audit my licence they would see that the film industry has nothing to do with landscaping.

    And then you might ask why the hell am I getting into the landscaping industry. Well, because I like to do it. I have done it on a semi professional level and because I own a skid now.

  6. Wells

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    The way the state of Utah views it is you actually have to work for a licensed landscaper for 2 years that is currently licensed with the State.


    You're not to far from me, we do most of our work down in Sandy / Draper area.
  7. Lombardi

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    Not surprising from a state that allows you to have several wives. Or is that Idaho. Just kidding.
    But it does hurt the people who may have experience such as jrussel, but do not have it with a licensed company.
  8. Wells

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    whats wrong with six wives???
    one for every day of the on
  9. jrussell555

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    I think if you live in colorado city you can have up to 99 wives. They seem to promote the plural wifes down there and I believe that is still in Utah. And in all fairness to them, "it's the true Church". So I'm not sure what everyone else is going to do with only having a single wife.

    I'm still going to try and get work up here. Licence or no licence. I'll just keep the jobs small enough not to be noticed.
    If you know of anyone needing backho work send me an email and I'll reply with my phone. Also my IM is mrussell5555.
  10. jrussell555

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