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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by IronJohn, May 27, 2009.

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    Before I ask my question let me apologize if this is not the appropriate site for personal assistance, as opposed to questions regarding landscaping businesses.

    I need assistance landscaping my mom's back yard. Currently it is full of grass up to mid-thigh with spots of dirt that seem to have come out of nowhere. Also the terrain is not even with dips throughout the yard. My main project is to level out the back yard as it currently has a big decline from the house to the fence. Someone told me to buy some grass killer and then maybe use a tiller dig up the dirt and level out the yard. Is this a good plan? Should I consider anything like permits, neighbors, etc?

    Attached are pictures of the house. I don't have the size of the yard. Btw, I currently have Toro Super Recycler and she wants to use it back there but I think the uneven terrain would damage it.

    Thank you all in advance for your help.





  2. White Gardens

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    Get it mowed, shoot some new pics, and post them.

    Without seeing the area fully (tall grass), I can't get a feel for what's there.
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    Yup, rent a brush cutter of some sort... that is too high for a mower. No way to tell what is under all of that stuff.
  4. def. start with cutting that down
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    you can do the tiller idea its a bit of work and time consuming that way but waaay cheapper than renting a power rake. now as i see it one thing the area needs is a focal tree or two. also if the grade is too much try a retaining wall under i believe 6 feet (dont quote me on that" does not require a permit higher requires permit, geogrid, architect so on and so forth (but there is a way around that too :) if your going with a wall put in a patio off the door with it a nice place to bbq and relax out side. now the trees (in my opinion) would go about the corner where that blue roof house is. be sure not to put it too close as the neighbors may or may not appreciate leaves in there yard. build a bed around it and extend it down the fence with some curves (a little asthetics) the other tree goes around the patio (not too close to the house) this will give some shade and privacy to the patio. buld a bed off of that to extend all the way around the wall (aesthetics apply here too) now the question is plants i could rattle off all sorts of plants but go to your local nursery and pick out some that you like that will work in sun to partial shade as the shade will come. if you do this yourself... if you CAN do this yourself it shouldnt cost you more than like 2500-3000 said and done... but this is all just my opinion

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