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Landscaping Newsletter

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Gautreaux's LNG, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. Gautreaux's LNG

    Gautreaux's LNG LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 379

    I need some opinions on an idea I have. I want to start a landscaping newsletter. It would be a 4 page publication, with articles regarding landscaping and lawn care. It would run March - August (6) months. There would be advertisement sold to local nurseries, landscape companies and lawn maintenance companies.

    There would be a "Landscape of the Month", the landscape's can be nominated by the companies who perform the work or HOA's or anyone.

    Also a Business of the Month, basically if you bought a display ad (6) total display ads in each issue you would get a Business of the Month article written about you with a picture.

    There would be a Landscape Services Directory on the back cover. The back cover would also contain a continuation of an article from the front cover. The Landscape Services Directory would have space for 9 companies to list their name, description of services and phone number / website if any.

    The Newsletter will be sent as an insert in a local newspaper, once a month for six months. Their circulation is 30,000 papers. I would also drop off copies of the newsletter to each advertiser.

    I am looking for no financial gain, just a way to get some affordable advertisment for me and some of the other small businesses in the area. I can get the publication printed (light green paper included), folded and inserted into the newspaper (30,000 copies) for $1500.00 (and change) a month.

    I would have to sell ads as below:
    (1) Front cover ad: (3" x 4" display ad) $350.00 a month
    (2) Inside pages ad: (3"x4" display ad) $250.00 a month
    (2) Inside pages ad: (business card size) $100.00 a month
    (2) Back cover ad: ( business card size) $75.00 a month
    (9) Landscape services directory: $50.00 a month ($250.00 is paid upfront)

    My thinking: People who are interested in the services we provide will be the one's reading the newsletter, so you're reaching your target audience. And you get in 30,000 homes every month!!! You would only be paying for the advertisement in the busiest months of our season. It would require the a full six month agreement because to get the price down I have to guarantee the paper 6 months of inserts.

    Any feedback would be appreciated!
  2. Wolfie's L&L

    Wolfie's L&L LawnSite Member
    Messages: 211

    Maybe you could extend your months from March to November. This way you'll get 3 more months worth of exposure, and still be in the busy time of the season with leaf cleanups, and maybe some ads for snow removal too.

  3. Gautreaux's LNG

    Gautreaux's LNG LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 379

    NO snow removal here!! But I'll run the 3 extra months by some locals!

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