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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by proenterprises, Jul 29, 2003.

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    This may be a tough question but lets see what kind of help I can get.

    I am very seriously consodering going into the landscaping industry after college and wanted to ask about LCO schooling.

    What kind of schooling is their for this type of field. I am looking to go into alot more than just cutting grass and looking at the harscaping aspect as well as the weekly maint. on accts. I am not sure of their is schooling for landscaping design, horticulture, or what? Has anyone gone to school before getting into their bussiness?

    If their are any of these schools, what are their names.

    Please help where able!
  2. GLAN

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    yes there are colleges and universities that have a horticulture program. Purdue, Cornell and many others

    Do a search on the internet. You just might want to change majors
  3. NCSULandscaper

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    NC State University

    Got my degree in Ornamentals and Landscape Technology with an almost minor in business management.
  4. zfrog

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    Contact SUNY FArmingdale. It's on Long Island so it's not too far from you. Your state may also have programs. I got an associate's (2yr) in Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape Development from there. It taught me a lot! After that I got a 4yr BS in Agriculture in Plant and Soil Sciences from U of Delaware. Both are great schools for landscaping. Check out the internet for info on schools and good luck
  5. GLAN

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    Hey zfrog

    Good to see a fellow Long Islander :D
    What county are you?
  6. zfrog

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    Nassau, western.

    Yeah, LI is landscaping loco.

    Oh yeah, thanks for your reply about the storage. I got a good garage to move to (10x20) at a new storage place right smack in the middle of where I work so I'm thrilled. See ya, gotta run (yo!)
  7. Planet Landscaping

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    Naugatauk tech college in waterbury.
  8. Cooper Landscaping

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    NCSU- whats involved in the Landscape technology? Like what kinds of things do you study?

    Jammer- Is that the same thing as Naugatauk Community College?

    Drop me an email- i can give you tons of sites for searching for colleges with certain majors and all kinds of things like that...I'm doing the same as you are right now.


  9. Planet Landscaping

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    same thing.
  10. lugnut#6

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    are there non university schools with shorter programs?(2 years or less).

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