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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Scag48, Aug 30, 2003.

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    Looking for a decent imaging and design program. I'm currently using a cheap Sierra program, but am upgrading. I'm getting the free demo for Pro Landscape. That software is serious dough, so I want to be sure it's worth it for me to invest in it. Any opinions on it or any other software suggestions? My dad has gone overboard, he's getting everything for the business and we're getting 100% set up now. We will have the software set up on a laptop for field use to customize almost instantly for faster results from the customer as to what to install. Sorry for all the posts here, I'm sure I will be asking many more questions as time goes on. Thanks for the help!
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    I have Punch's Master Landscaping and Home Design and am very pleased with it.It takes a day or two to get the hang of some things,but after that,it's pretty easy.If you take the time to measure out the property,slopes,and home,you can build a really nice 3D image for your customer and give them the walk-around view or the overhead fly-around view.
    Got mine at Staples for 69.99.It's on my laptop so I can take it to the customers home or business.Tons of plants in the plant database too.Different mulches,pavers,bricks,siding.Deck design also and you can add water features(ponds) to the landscape.
    Take care
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    Sounds great! My dad just went ahead and ordered Pro Landscape. I will keep posted as how well it works out. The laptop won't be here until the 21st, but the software should be here before then.

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