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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by bgmoney7, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. bgmoney7

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    I am new to the business and would like to know if anyone has used the landscaping software that they make and if so how good is it and which one did you try.
  2. Tomprevette

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    We use Quickbooks Pro for billing and accounting, Groundskeeper Pro for Scheduling and Pesticide records. We could not operate without either and after much search, these suit our needs best. Make sure to get with a good accountant and follow their advice for tax purposes. If you just starting out the cost is minimal but the reward is great come quarterly submission of taxes and the final yearly submission. QBooks will allow you to do all of your book keeping, invoicing, banking, and automatically downloads tax rate changes to keep you updated. You simply run a quarterly report for your accountant to file your 941's. DONT make the mistake of waiting till the end of the year to submit your taxes, do it quarterly!!!!!!! Groundskeeper allows you to craft your business exactly to your service, place rates for labor - materials and other items, and is highly recommended. Both software providers offer excellant support. I know it seems like alot at first, but you have to CYA or it will become a nightmare later.
    Good luck with your new business, hope you match your screen name. Tom
  3. boonhogganbeck

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    I think a lot of people use Master Landscaper by Punch Software when they're just starting out. You can get this at Comp USA, or sometimes Sams or Costco. You can always invest in a really expensive CAD program when you're more established.

    Also, take Tomprevette's advice and get a good accountant. I'm a CPA and can vouch for his advice. Also, see an attorney and explore business entity selection for liablilty protection. Make sure to operate with insurance also.
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    Hi bgmoney7,

    Are you looking for business software? Or design software?

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