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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JTS Landscaping, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. JTS Landscaping

    JTS Landscaping LawnSite Member
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    wondering what are some good softwares for designing residential and commercial landscapes.
  2. WhohasHelios?

    WhohasHelios? LawnSite Member
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    Dynascape from Garden Graphics if you are rich, or ProLandscape from Drafix if you are fairly rich... :p

    I have not used Prolandscape, though it looks amazing!!!

    Dynascape is pretty technical. Takes a while to get used to, but for big commercial projects its probably much better than anything else out there.

  3. Gilla Gorilla

    Gilla Gorilla LawnSite Senior Member
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    I got my Pro Landscape software last Friday and both my wife and I love it. I met with a family this morning and showed them just some pictures that I worked up of their backyard that has a small swale going through it. They were leaning towards just throwing down a pallet of sod for around $700 bucks but once they saw what the 2" to 3" River Jack would look like once it is done they said DO IT for $1800 bucks and now want to natural looking pieces of huge flagstone going over it for a natural bridge. So I grossed another $1100 off of the rock and probably another $800 to $1000 by getting to do the flagstone bridges.

    I worked up a couple of pictures of dry stacked flagstone walls on the frontside of their house with a couple of nandinas and Gold thread cypresses along their driveway and they were SO excited but have to wait a month or two to do the landscaping in the frontyard.

    So this software is starting to really pay off already and it really helps to be able to show the customer a finished looking project compared to a drawing and some clips from magazines.

    It was worth every penny so far and my wife is even learning how to use the software so she can start doing a little designing work for me when she has the time and I dont.
  4. yz250fpilot

    yz250fpilot LawnSite Member
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    Everytime I try and use the planner extensively, the software just dies and the application quits. Well, not everytime, but 50% of the time I have tried it so far. This is ProLandscape. I am not impressed.

  5. bnl

    bnl LawnSite Member
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    I had the same problems going on with the planner part of the software. I was using a laptop that I bought about 4 years ago and had alot of programs installed on it before putting ProLandscape on. I had been throwing around the idea of replacing the older laptop with a newer computer, and finally did so. I loaded the ProLandscape on the new computer and all the glitches are gone. I'm not saying this is your problem too, because you may have a brand new computer running it as well. But, if you have a computer that is a few years old, and also have a lot of other memory taken up with other programs, this may be something to look at. I have been told that any CAD software requires a lot of Free RAM, which I evidently did not have on my laptop. Good luck getting it working. I have enjoyed the software since the glitches were eliminated.
  6. WhohasHelios?

    WhohasHelios? LawnSite Member
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    Cool!! So you grossed in one sale the purchase of the software pretty much then?? Thats fantastic!!

    I really wish they had a trial period though!!
  7. yz250fpilot

    yz250fpilot LawnSite Member
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    I tried it on a Gateway solo laptop that is about 3 years old and a new Dell with 512 Meg of RAM and had the same problems on both. Dunno what the deal is. I think I might just stick with paying the wholesaler 150-325 bucks per plan. Nothing irritates me more than losing 45 minutes worth of work.


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