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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Superiorlandscaping, Nov 3, 2002.

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    Here is a list of tools i am planning on purchasing this winter. Tell me what you think. I am starting my own company and i am only familar with the brands i have used.

    52in and 61in ferris walkbehind. I Like this mower alot and I am very familar with it. The only problem I have found is it doesnt leave the perfect lines i am looking for. I am not talking about straightness, but the difference in colors.

    Tanaka 2100, 2120, and 2520 hedge trimmer

    2 RedMax BC225DL line trimmers

    2 RedMax EB7000

    Little Wonder 9 horsepower honda powerblower

    Chainsaw - I dont know anything about them, any advice, not
    going to be a huge part of the company, but will be using mainly for cutting cordwood.

    Also, i need to purchase a thatcher and an aerator. I do not know anything about brand options and features.

    I have scene some machines that pick up leaves. They resemble small lawnmowers but possibly alittle wider. I believe they suck up the leaves and mulch them into a bag which you dump into a barrel or truck or whatever. I believe the brand i saw was toro. But i am not sure if others offer it.

    I also plan to buy all of my hand tools from sears due to there return policy. Does anyone else do this. I am talking shovels, brooms, barrels, spring rakes, bamboo rakes, plastic rakes, pitchforks, wheel barrels, edgers, spades, etc. Is this a good idea.

    I want to purchase some two cycle oil in bulk. Nevermind buying those tiny little packages, granted they are easy, but you can just get a measuring cup and fill up the same amount and use a funnel. Save yourself alot of time. Any ideas one where to get one.

    Another thing i need is a tool which sharpens my mower blades, edger blades, my hedge trimmer blades, knifes etc. I dont know if there is a special tool or what not but i am sure i need something and something that is quick.

    Something else i am going to need in bulk is fertalizer. All sorts and types from pesticides to lime to winterizer or whathave you. I see that my old boss gets his in on pallets, I have no idea where to get this or how much to spend. I know that he doesnt care about price but since i am a new company, price is a concern. I would rahter waste a weekend driving a couple hundred miles then waste 200 bucks. I live in central mass any ideas. Another thing that is kind of in this catergory is round up pro. He usually buys 2 gallons( i think they are gallon sized) for 175 bucks. I dont know if that is a good price. I know he turns that into approximate 1200 bucks. 50 bucks per sprayer full (5 gallons).

    Does anyone recommend using X blades on deck mowers?

    I dont have a "lot" but i do have my houses yard. I dont have a garage so my tools are kind of in the open. I am contemplating getting an enclosed trailor for the mere saftey of missing tools. Is this a waste of money because one of them is approximately 3000 more.

    Also, the company i formely worked for ( went out of business, owner moved south with family) was a true believe in picking up EVERY single clipping when trimming bushes and hedges. I am a firm believer in that to but i am looking for a faster easier, more effiecient way. For instances a tarp method with slits or something. Any other ideas.

    I hoped this message sparks up much conversation. Maybe everyone can learn a few tricks or something. I know the responses to this post are going to take a while, but please take the time, it would mean a whole lot and could spark up some other conversations. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING MY POST!!!! SUPERIOR LAWN AND LANDSCAPE
  2. AztlanLC

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    Why a 61" walkbehiand? can't you get a ztr Ferris IS3000z?

    I use poulan chain saws, there might not be the best but I only usem once in a while, cheap too.

    I don't own a real detacher I use a jrco tine rake detacher works real well. Aerator I have a Ryan real nice

    Stay away from the vacums type mower unles you get few leaves around your area, rather get a big blower little wonder or billy goat my choices, and a vaccum for your mower.

    I'd say tool you can buy even at home depot but if you feel confortable with sears it's a good choice too.

    Check amsoil for your two cycle oil, the best stuff I've ever used.

    Check your local suppier for fertilizer Lesco or United Horticulture
    if you are going to buy pesticides make sure you have a pesticide license.

    I do use double blades on all of my mower and I love em, some people don't see any diference without'em, I'd say try'em and decide for yourself.

    If you can afford a enclosed trailer get it, your tools and time are more valuable than what the price difference is, I personally don't have one but I do have a shop where I live all my stuuf at night

    Hope this helps
  3. dmk395

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    I like Husky chainsaws...Felco handpruners. 52" mower may not fit gates, if thats your plan
  4. MacLawnCo

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    most of the info you are looking for can be found by doing a search. If you want someone to tell you what to do, why not call your old boss and ask him for some info.
  5. stslawncare

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    as for getting stuff at sears, be reminded that only tools can be returned, to my knowledge trash cans and such cant be returned. getting an enclosed trailer is great idea but remember that you cant put mulch and soil in the back. i agree do a search you will learn tons, there are pages and pages of reading on the "x blades" and also about the "different colors when mowing".
  6. bob

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    Why not get a ZTR instead of 2 walkbehinds. One ZTR would equal 2 walkbehinds and take up less trailer space. Why do you need 3 hedge trimmers? - I don't know the Tanaka line.
  7. rodfather

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    1 ZTR does in fact take up less space then 2 WB' ZTR does not equal 2 WB's (no way). Never has...never will. Trust me.

    We have 48, 52 and 61 WB's. And a new 61Z. And 3 Toros (72")Groundmasters, too

    The WB's are great machines
  8. lawnagent

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    Hey Mac, Why dont ya loose the attitude problem. I mean heck, everything here has been talked about at one time or another so lets just BAN all new posts for a while and use the almighty SEARCH only. sshheeezzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  9. greenman

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    You are going to purchase all that equipment, and you haven't started the biz yet?:dizzy: Why not just a wb, trimmer, blower, and hedge trimmers,etc? Or did buy out the former owners accounts?
  10. Superiorlandscaping

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    My former owners accounts were left to me. I did most of the wheeling and dealing so they all know me and the quality of work i perform. As for landscaping, i may not know how all the different equipment fares against eachother, but i do know how to run a business properly. I have made my former boss shitloads of money, and its somewhat of a godsent that he is leaving. I love the dude, but its my time to shine. I am only 20 years old and have been making good money for a while. Now it is time to start making the real money. I just have to make sure the equipment i purchase isnt going to break down. And as for sharpening blades and ****, i have never been the mechanic of the company, but i am going to refuse to pay someone to sharpen blades and so on. I know a decent amount about engines and for these first couple of years, i want to make money, and work alittle bit harder, rather then taking the easier way out and paying someone to do it for me. Plus, you Never learn that way. Also i would ask my boss but he is in REHAB ******* and I dont get to talk to him for another 4 months. Maybe thats why i havent asked him and have turned to the forum. also i am slightly new to this forum but i have to say I have never met a bunch of nicer, more eager to help individuals here then any where else. You guys are helpful, thoughtful, and put alot of respect into these posts. I just want to thank you all. Peace Superior Lawn.

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