Landscaping work with Mowing?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lee Homan, Jan 11, 2000.

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    Ok if you are a one man or 2 man company fine mowing grass is fine but lets compare this my landscape crew grossed 3 times what my lawn crew did last year. and fert. thats did same as lawn but it only had a 1/3 of the man hours that lawn did. Landscaping and fert. is where the money is grass mowing is simply busy work that brings in other work. Why give up high paying jobs. Bring one or 2 more guys on and have them do the landscape and fert part of it all or stop cutting grass yourself and send out a couple guys and do more of those jobs. Or that on less custmers on and the ones you take make them the ones that want the one stop shop where you do it all for them less driving time same or more money made only diff. is your not in and out in 15 min. now its a hour at one house. But instead of driving 4 times during that hour you made money the whole time. I would take on more of that kind of work and less of the mow and go type unless that all that you want to be. It your chose to make but personaly I would love to drop all the lawn account but the muiltfaimly and com. and do more of the landscape work, but lawns bring more work in and it keeps the bills paid.
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    I agree with ashlandscaping, My helper and I were doing all of the Yard Maintenance and more other work were being requested and had to put them off until I hired a driver. Now he and my helper does all the Yard Maintenance and I do most of Landscaping, handy man jobs, drainage,and stay in the office and see what other ideas I can get from this forum to make my company profitable with experienced advice from all you Maintenance Companies. If you can afford a driver and be motivated to go out to your routes and see if you can find anything out there that you can make more money. Like mulching, seasonal planting, clean-ups, tree work, etc.<p>By the way what's the going rate around your area for above. I charge $24 per flat 16 count of 4&quot; pots. Including soil and fertilizer.
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    I've had this struggle as well. I have a lawn mowing co. and I do an occasional landscape.I would get asked a lot about landscaping and irrigation. I was exchanging landscaping jobs for maintenance jobs with a co where I live. We now have decided to go into business together. Beyond the exchanging business we have merged for various other reasons. He is better at sales and I m better at bookeeping and scheduling, and managing money. We were profiting about the same so we have entered pretty equally financially with no debt.Maybe there is a landscaping co. where you live you could exchange business with?

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