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    Hi Every one, I am rather new to the Lawn And Landscaping service. I handed out Flyers yesterday and got a call from a lady today. She wants a estimate for Cutting down a small tree, Pulling some plants she does not like and a fall clean up, She said she moved in June of this year and has not touch a thing. I was just curious how you guys go about pricing these type of jobs, I got the fall clean-up part pricing.but am stuck on the other stuff. Thanks in advance For any input or help.

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    Make sure you have insurance.....

    Dont know the laws in MI., but in Ohio if you install any plants commercially you need a nursery dealer license.
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    Just estimate how long it will take and charge them your hourly rate. If the job is a tough or hard labor job charge a little extra.
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    Combine both of the above statements and you are on your way.

    Make sure that you insurance covers you for tree work. With Trees you never know what you are going to get into and the damage they can cause for many reasons. If they take a fall in a unexpected direction, or you are doing a complete removal and go to remove the rootball and take out a irrigation line, water line, or electric line - it would come in handy to know that your have insurance for it, as far as the pay goes - also make sure you are taking into consideration the fact that you are taking these risk.

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