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    Need a little help here. I just won a bid on grass cutting on 10 gas stations, and now they would like sugestions on some new plants for the flower bed. They must be low maint. able to live through a cleveland ohio winter, and low to the ground. Any sugestions would be great!
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    Take note of the soil and space allowed at the various stations. Go down to the local nursery and look around and talk with the attendants about some selections you like.
    Annual flowers are never low maintenance, once the weather turns hot and dry.
    Do they have irrigation installed? Are you considering border shrubs?
  3. moejoescaper

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    I would try planting boxwoods, mop cypress, spirea, and barberry. These plants tend to do well in non irrigated areas and can take a beating from the public. If the areas are irrigated, naturally, they will do real well. Make sure to put mulch around them to help retain the moisture, and put some Miracle Grow potting soil around them. It looks really commercial but I have had real good luck with this. You can even hit them up for a maintenence charge for the year.

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