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    Has anyone had any issues sending or receiving emails to and from customers with the accounting software from I have to send out my monthly statement and I am unable to send invoices because of this issue! I can NOT for the love of the Earth find a contact phone number for this place, better yet, there online response system doesn't even let me send anything out! I wonder if they went out of business???
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    Hey Try TurfWizard. It is a great sight which allows you to bill, invoice, schedule, etc. and you can use quickbooks and other files with it as well. It has made my life so much easier. Try the free trial.
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  4. Jarbor

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    Up until late last week, I was still able to use the site. I've had little issues the past couple of years, but I've been able to work around them. Not any more.

    I haven't had any response from them for almost 2 years. Earlier this week I started getting smtp errors when I tried to email invoices. This morning, the site won't even load, just getting a "service unavailable" message.

    I think they badly crashed and burned. They're going to cost me a bunch of money, I'm afraid. I've been trying to migrate to another service over the summer, but there's only so much time in each day...

    Not happy. They sure liked it when I paid well in advance for their service, though.
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    Hey guys, Finding time to research and find the best product for your business while trying to to also run your business and keep your books sometimes is a hard tasks. I am in the business of helping trying to further businesses along with our software. That's why I make myself available 24/7 for users. I can do demos with you guys as well as answer questions and talk late at night or early in the morning. I am here to help you and if that means adhering to your schedules I am all for it!
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    It looks like they went down. If you want to get started with CLIP let us know. We have been around for 20+ years, and aren't planning on going anywhere :)

    Also for the data migration, sometimes you can hire a college kid part time to help you with moving data. Often community colleges have job boards, and a job like that can be monotonous. Also depending on the situation we have tools to help you move the data over.
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    If you read my reply here, and see it's no longer around, it wasn't deleted for any reason other than my requesting to remove it. I'm looking in to seeing if there's anything I can do to help get this site back online and service restored to those who were still using it. I figure it's worth a shot.

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