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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by davidg32, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. davidg32

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    Quick question for you reputable landscapers out there:
    We're having a hell of a time with a landscaper, and (among other issues), he charged us for laying 16,000 square feet of sod...and I don't believe there's more than about 12,000 square feet out there in the yard. Is there someone I could hire to come and take measurements, and: 1. tell me exactly how much sod there really is out there, and 2. give me some type of "official" paper stating that? I'm ready to take this guy to court...and it seems to me that this type of over-billing is probably a criminal violation.
    I thought maybe a surveyor, but there's some odd sections in the lawn and someone's going to have to do a little's not just all squares and rectangles, etc.
    Any info or advice anyone can offer is GREATLY appreciated.
  2. Kate Butler

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    A surveyor is really going to cost you (apologies if any of you folks are surveyors - just reporting on my own personal experiences).

    Are ther architectural plans for this site? If so, it should be easy as they are drawn to scale. Yes, a bit of math, but nothing brain-busting.

    Otherwise, get out your trusty measuring wheel and have at it. Break it into manageable segments, using flags to be sure you get it right, then just total it all up.

    Have you considered going to the sod layers source for sod and getting the numbers from him/her?
  3. AWJ Services

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    Remeber if there is alot of curves it may very well eat up a a few pallets of sod.

    Also when the sod is delivered there is always cull involved.

    So it is normall to over estimate.

    I am doing a 10 pallet job tomorrow that has no curves and I still ordered and charged the customer for 11.

    As a consumer did you not get other estimates?
    Did you not check the areas yourself?
    Thats a 4000 sq ft difference.
    Most people would be able too figure out that before hand.
  4. Critical Care

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    Without a doubt, more sod was used than what meets the eye. However, a difference of 4,000 square feet is quite a bit. Perhaps what you could do is to find out where he got his sod, and then contact that company to see how much sod was picked up or delivered to your place. From there, work with the guy and ask about the difference.

    Hmm... I suppose that you have already talked to whoever did put in your sod, right?
  5. AGLA

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    A surveyor might not cost that much if he is only locating the area of the lawn. He won't need control (to measure where in the world that it is). Control costs money because of research and having to locate record bounds. Simply shooting the perimeter and telling you the area should cost far less. They might not want to waste their time though.
  6. AWJ Services

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    I would recommend measuring it yourself first.
    Just mark out big rectangles and squares.
    Then treat whats left over as triangles and half circles.
    It will not be exact but will show a 4000 sq/ft discrepancy.
  7. paponte

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    Measure it yourself! Definitely not rocket science. Just a little addition and multiplication. As others have said treat cuts as squares and rectangles, since cuts must be calculated in the job. :)
  8. AGLA

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    Or, you could just count the pieces of sod.
  9. NickN

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    16k sq ft of sod would have been 35.5 pallets(square cut).I would have ordered 37 since there is always some scrap pieces in the pile.12k sq ft of sod would have been 26.6 pallets.Did you happen to count the pallets delivered?
    All you need to do is square off as many sections as you can and measure length x width for square footage.Then you can go back and estimate the smaller areas and add them up.
  10. gqnine44

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    Your probably a PITA :) .

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