Lantern Lighting Trick for Hardscapers

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DVS Hardscaper, Nov 23, 2008.

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    Andrew has a point, we're in business to make money, otherwise we wouldn't put up with the everyday BS if we didn't.

    My cousin, 26, started a construction company 4 years ago with the intent to build custom "estate" homes and high end reno's. He got the chance to build an award winning home early this year and into the summer. His ego took over and he jumped at the chance, even though he knew he wasn't a big enough company to handle the job. To make a long story short, he finished the job over time, over budget, and lost money. He still won an award for it (not sure of the magazine name) but realised he needs to focus on what makes money, not the nicest jobs. If SRW pillars are what they want, thats what I'll build.
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    And thats JUST IT!

    I'm sure I have mentioned this before, but I always use this as a comparison:

    Down the road is a home that was built about 4 or 5 years ago. Not a small house, not an mansion. This house was stick built by 3 guys from the foundation up. The craftsmanship and the quality of the construction are second to none.

    My other neighbor and his wife knew they wanted to move and build a new home. They wanted this builder to build their home and they had no intentions of talking to anyone else after seeing this home be built. So they asked the builder if he would build their new home.

    His response was "I'm sorry, but I'm not building anymore homes, I can't make any money".

    See, quality costs money. And everything has it's breaking point. And even the upper class are smart enough to say "ok $7500 for pillars or $3500....".

    Poor MRusk got his girdle in a twist because I mentioned our client with an estate home. He seems to forget that estate homes are not unusual outside the nation's Capital :)
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    Great tip! I never considered doing this.

    As for SRW pillars being low-budget... uhh... ok.
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    Any pillar is a higher end add-on
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    Well coming from a guy that has the answer for all and every single post brags about himself all the time.
    Every job he has posted he's there for months not cause the job is so big but because he always runs into some delay due to someone else fault never his.
    Every picture he takes is from far away and never a completed job.
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    I wouldn't give im to much crap, he's a young wipper snapper thats all, albeit with a real drive. Can't find that in too many youngsters these days! The arrogance thing well thats another story!
  7. DVS Hardscaper

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    Old or young, a babbeling fool is a babbeling fool.

    Unless you're over 85 years old, age doesn't excuse one for being a complete ass.

    I'm officially nick naming MRusk 'Garth Brooks' because he thinks with his whopping 2 years of experience that he's the Garth Brooks of the hardscape industry.
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    Out of curiosity, what type of other pillars are out there? Brick and mortar? Mortar and stone, stone veneer?

    DVS, where in MD are you located?
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    Brick and stone..

    brick pillars.JPG

    september 8 022 [%P].JPG

    sept22 015 [%P].JPG
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    Stone looks nice! Is that natural stone veneer in that last photo?

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