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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by burninbill, Dec 6, 2002.

  1. burninbill

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    How many guys out there are using laptops to do presentations for customers when doing estimates? My partener and I are thinking of getting a laptop to share so we can split up the billing, and such. Just wanted to know if anyone has any input on how much use they are getting out of or would get out of a laptop. Our thoughts are that we could get some work done in the truck between long drives from properties. We are trying to use up some of the dead time in travel to keep us from doing so much homework.

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  2. Administrator

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    If you do end up getting one... for whatever reason don't fall victim to paying $1,800+ for a new 'top of the line' unit.

    You can get a great used model with all the bells and whistles you need for $500 or less...

  3. Jimbo

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    I dont think you will get as much done in the truck as you think. How far apart are your accounts? I personally need to have quite time in order to concentrate on billing (mistakes on invoices will make you look like a 2nd rate biz).

    If you are getting a laptop to share the homework then maybe it is a good idea. Do you each have a printer?
  4. burninbill

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    We both do have printers and most of the idea is to split up some of the office responsibilities. Right now my partner does all of the billing, receiving, and paying the bills and I answer the phone, talk to customers, and scheduling. My thinking is with a laptop I can take on some more of the time consuming stuff and we won't mess up our accounting software by having double entries and possibilities of forgetting to backup the work I did last night and going to my partners house and loading the work I did. blablabla.

    In short I am trying to split up the work load as even as possible with taking a chance on screwing up our books.

  5. MacLawnCo

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    I say go for it, especially if you need some write offs. As a bonus, it will also help your business.!!? WOW. Towards tax season, i am going to be paying the Truck Dealers a visit. I need a tax wirte off like its my job. Cant wait!:D
  6. Randy Scott

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    First off, I would definately get my hands into your billing, receivables, etc. There is no way I would let one person in a partnership handle all the money. Do you get my drift?

    Secondly, this topic has been discussed before here and there are other threads with discussion about laptops. Just do a search for "laptops" and there is more info.
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    Not to get off the subject or anything, but this reminds me of a little story that one of my Business Professors told us.
    Two guys, that had a business firm and handled a great deal of money, left to go out of town to a convention. About an hour or so into the drive, one of the partners says to the other one, "Hey, we need to turn around because I think I left the safe unlocked!" The other partner said, "So" as he kept driving. "Well, aren't you worried about the money disappearing?" asked the first partner. "Not really." "And why is that?" The first partner asked. The other partner just said. "Because, we are both right here!"
    There is a message in here.
    As far as the laptop thing, if you really have use for one, hey, go for it.

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