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    And Ric,
    if you don't mind, how exactly do you use your laptop, inverter and printer in your truck? What kind of time does it save? Do you print the invoices in the truck? Do you post charges to their account in your truck?
    Can you do a new customer sale? Check to see if bill is paid? See what was done last month?
  2. Ric

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    A Computer is a Computer no matter where it is. Yes I can do all the above questions you ask. Plus much more. Scheduling is right with me to change as necessary. Microsoft Streets and Trips can finds new addresses or can do a reoccurring route. Print Standard Contracts for new customer. And even go on the Internet and reply to you.

    I find printing and giving the customer an invoice at the time of service Helps Cash Flow and reduces Large Acc Rec Balances. Here in Retirement country many customer are home and have the check ready to save the $ 0.41 stamp. Those not home will generally mail the payment in a matter of days. Sure Beats my old system of Billing once a month and waiting for payment.

    You don't need very many watts to run a printer and recharge a Lap Top. I started with a 400 watt that over heated and the fan worn out from running so much. It still works but the Breaker keeps shutting it down after 5 minutes or so, it is a Back up now. A 100 Watt is what I use Now and works great.

    Printer is a Lexmark $ 28.00 special from China Wall-mart and works fine. I load paper only as I print so they are not blown in the truck as I like to drive with the window down. A Flash Drive quickly backs up the lap top to my desk top.
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    I love workng with with my Laptop in my truck. I use a 700 watt and it is ran to my battery. I have used the same one for two years now with no problems!

    I used to print my invoices from my truck, but don't anymore. To me it just took too much time. I now print them either the night before or in the morning when I schedule.

    The biggest reason I carry my computer is for accessing customer info and as Ric says....Streets and Trips.

    If someone calls me I just ask for their address and I don't have to ask for directions!

    Don't have the internet in my truck yet due to the wireless card cost, but would like to sometime as it would be good for looking up info when customers ask questions you are not sure of. Plus I could be on here more!:laugh:
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    A computer in the truck? Just another way for me to hide an look at porn all day.

    haha just
  5. Ric

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    I pull up and do a few left clicks and the invoice prints while I apply. Equipment is put up and the yard sign and invoice are placed accordingly. Yes in my area the retirees have nothing to do and all day to do it. I do end up talking with them longer than I like too, and that is what kills your time. But I am semi retired myself and don't carry many customers any more. I believe most of my customer have up sold to the limit now. That is one advantage to spending a little time with the customer.

    Internet access is Free just about anywhere, if you have the right programs and a antenna.
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    i'd be to scared to leave a laptop in my truck, up here, the second i turn my back on it the thing would be gone.
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    I was using Quick Books when I billed out of my truck...and it seemed like the hour glass was on for days!:dizzy: And then sometimes my printer would be all screwed up and I would have to print the invoice two or three times because the ink would be all screwed up (I think from the truck bouncing around/going down the road etc.

    Say it was taking 3+ minutes/stop over the day of 15 stops that is 45 minutes. And sometimes I bet it was taking me longer then that!

    I think a wireless card here for internet is like $70+ dollars a month.

    If it was free that would be SWEET!
  8. rcreech

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    Reminds me of a true story a few months ago (about me)!

    I am from a very small town and am surrounded around small towns.

    A friend of mine asked that I do an app at his business in Dayton (which is a big city about 20 miles away).

    When I got to his business...I got out of my truck to measure and left my truck running. My buddy ran out of the building freaking out!!!!!!!

    He couldn't belive that I left my truck running and unlocked! He said that you don't do that! After that I was scared to death. :laugh:

    Dorth was right....there is not place like home!
  9. Ric

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    The Paranoia of the big city is why I like being a small town guy. I have similar stories about leaving the Truck running in the big city. Years ago GMC cars and trucks had starter Key locks that could be set to work without a Key. Never needed to carry a Key Ring, House was never locked either.

    Amazing how that Paranoia doesn't apply to the Internet in any way shape or forum. Internet Access is very easy any more. There are so many open wireless routers that you can find one just about anywhere. A shape thief could turn a Plus millionaire into a Minus Million Beggar in short order.
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    wash your hands before, and please wash after you sicko lol

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