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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mowerboy04, Jan 17, 2008.

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    hey guys, i'm not necessarly new to this game but i am new to mowing larger accounts like over 6 acers. i have the oppertunity to bid a account that is 28 accers and i need a little help. thanks in advance

    the seniaro:

    the property is a HOA that has a large park and some grass along the main road. the grass along the main road needs to be cut every week and the park needs to be cut every other week. the account has a river/stream that runs thought the middle of it and there is about 1mile of river. along the river there is a bank that gos down to it, the bank is spots is to steep to cut with the ztr and will need to be cut with a walk behind "i figure there is about 1-2hours to cut along the river" the rust of the cutting is maily flat and wide open. there are 5 playgrounds that will need to be cut around and trimmed and about a dozen park benches. there is also about 1.5 mile of side walk, the sidewalks will not need to be edged because it is black top but will need to be blown off.

    the plan of attack:

    i am a smaller company with only one helper and not alot of equipment. i figure since i have to cut the front by the road evey week i can split the park in half so i will only have to mow 14 acers a week. so ex. week one i cut the front and half of the park, week 2 i cut the front and the second half of the park then the fouth week i cut the front and start the park over again. i figure it will take me about 7-8 hours to mow and trim 14 acers with one helper. Right now i only have one 60in ztr and one 36in wb, i figure if i get this account i will buy a 52" wb so i can use it to cut all the banks and it will also be able to knock down larger areas with a sulky. so basicaly i will cut this place with 2 mowers "because i will leave the 36in mower at home". i figure i will cut this account on mondays and do my other 60 or so accounts tuesday - friday.

    my bid: right now i figure my bid at $750 a week. and 26-28 weeks of cutting

    my question: do you guys think this is a good idea for me to go after this account? do you guys think i will be able to handel a account this large with only 2 guys and 2 mowers? right now i really don't want to have to buy alot of equipment because last year i bought a lot of new equipment. last qeustion is do you think 750 a week is to low or to high for this size account.

    thanks for all your help,

    ps. yes i know i can't spell :hammerhead:
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    Hard to tell without actually seeing the property but if your time assumptions are correct the price seems to be in line. In fact, even if it took you and helper 10 hours, that would equal $37.50/man hour.

    Are you ok with this rate vs your costs?

    Does the HOA agree with how you plan to service the account?

    Regarding whether you can handle an account of this size, only you can answer that.

    Finally, 3 words for you: "Spell check button" :usflag:
  3. GreenT

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    BTW, expect to get 20 different opinions from everybody else. :laugh:

    Good luck.
  4. Mimowerman

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    I got an idea, you could sub this out to a much larger , better lawn service, such as that CJ's Lawn Service I've seen driving around novi alot with a really nice red ford truck and red enclosed trailer !!! LOL jk ! Wheres it at?
  5. NC Greenscaper

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    I would be real careful on estimating your time on a property that big. You want to also make sure you can cut the bank of the creek/river with the walkbehind. I'd hate to find out the first time that it will take a trimmer. Your rate for competitive commercial mowing would be high for this area, but might be good in your area.
  6. ed2hess

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    And what about fertilizing, weed control, tree trmming,bushes, irrigation? Want to be sure they are okay with spitting things up since that means some section is always waiting for mowing. I think it is big for a two man operation quality may suffer when you get tired.

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