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    im still trying to find out if anyone uses atvs with pull behind or front mount mowers for large open areas the mowers are relatively inexpensive and ive been told they do a good job this was from a homeowner not a buisness any help would be appreciated as im looking at bidding some larger jobs where this could be a option.thanks for the help
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    The atv needs to have a really low travel speed to work good for mowing. If you are doing large areas the big turning radius isn't a problem but on smaller areas it is. Might have to put turf tires on for damp or wet grass. The ones with a differential would be best so you don't tear up the lawn. <br> I have a Yamaha that I am considering trying this too but I am buying the mower for behind my Walker to increase the cutting width at school yards. <br> My suggestion would be to buy a cheap small older mower and pull the self engined mower with it.

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