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  1. whats up everybody I`ve got some contracts I`m bidding for this year, One is around 16000 square feet and the other is around 25000 square feet. I say "around" because I roughly converted it from meters squared . I have an idea and just want a little imput. its sort of a sh!tty deal because you have to trim with a 21" and trimmer with in 12" of all buildings , monuments ect..... and no mower less than 72" thats not a problem cuz i was gonna get 72" or 60" ferris pro cut (used) . I also have to do spring and fall clean ups ( roughly) these are just MTO patrol yards so nothin fancy. but they want the grass cut at 2" to 2.5" that means that come july it will burn off really bad. just give me some of your thoughts.
    Have a good one.
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    Large area? LOL one acre is 43,560 sq. ft. so the 25,000 sf one is just over a 1/2 acre. You said mower can't be less than a 72" or more than a 72" I think you meant more than?
    Can't tell you how much to charge really from your previous posts it's clear that you can't get as much as I can which is less than most on here, or I'm getting confused during the CA to US $$ transformation??
    anyway good luck with 'em...
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    CML, I looked at the sites but decided not to bid them too small and too far away for us. Don't worry much about the 12" trimming thing someone has already half killed the trees. If you do get the bid make sure to take pictures of any damage you see before you start and give them a copy of the pics. I just use a disposable camera and get two copies made. It helps to keep everyone honest. Did you see page 6 on the insurance they want at least $2 million coverage and list them as additional insured. From what I understand as long as you have no employees you don't have to submit the Safety Plan or the Safety Policy but make sure you ask them about it.

    I use this site for conversions. You might want to run your numbers in I think you are way too low. There are no properties that small on the Tender form I have.
  4. thanks cantoo; i`m gonna bid on the goderich and clinton ones only and thanks for the heads up about the tree thing , I cant thank you enough for all the help that you have gave me . thats a pretty thick tender pack too. i looked at an ambulance station today and will probably tender it . I see that the goderich musiem, jail, and the tomb have come up again, but you have to take them all not just ones you want, i got the info pack on it today.
    I`m not shure who Gords brother is but gord owns the golf course there are a lot of lobbs. Ya BHB i know that i screwd up on the conversions . I just talked to a guy tonite about a toro 300 series mower witha 72 " deck and a 4 cyl gas engine in it (ford?) I think i`ll probibly base my desision on 30-35 an hour maybe a little lower Just to all the guys out there that tihink i`m lowballing you can`t get what most of you are making here! the citys one thing but out here if you wan tany work its lower , cuz these old farts bid real low and they cut it with their 38" rider from wal-mart.
    Ya cantoo i`m gonna get my insurence up to 2 mill its not a bad idea any way ive already got 500k Oh another question Does it make ur insurence payments go up a lot if you get ur pesitcide licence? in our area. I`ll have to drop you a line soon.
    Have a good one
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    CML, I pay $800 for my pesticide insurance., I also had to have all my other insurance with the same company.
    Any chance that it was Ronnie Brindley that you were talking to about the mower. Harry had a bunch from the City of Toronto at his sale last year and Ronnie got one. They are pretty much worn out from what I seen. I think the motor was Italian but not sure.
    Check out the sales I sent you there will be better deals there. Harry, Tom or Ryan Brindley will also be there if you need trucking.
  6. Cantoo: No it wans`t a brindley, the guy that has it now traded his boat for the mower and some cash, He said that the guy he got it from baught 2 72" toros and 2 toros with 3 wings (rotary) and he was planning and cutting golf courses with them, but some how that fell through?:rolleyes: They could have come from brindleys, He said that the guy was gonna paint it for him , and he`d have it next week. we`ll i`ll have to see. Did you ever go to one of Harry`s sales and see that gravely hill cutting mower, that thing looked like and accccident waiting to happen.
    Have a good one

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