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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by morturf, Sep 5, 2001.

  1. morturf

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    Curious to hear what the going rate in other parts of the country are for seed job like this.

    620,000 sq. ft. fine grade

    370,000 sq. ft 3rd generation tall fescue cost @ .92 cents/lbs. and starter fert @ 8.38/ 50 lbs

    250,000 sq. ft in a low maintenance seed mix @ cost of 1.35/lbs and starter fert

    follow up fertilizer 3 weeks after seeding @ 9.25/50lbs bag

    All will be brillion seeded very little hand work.....very open but bermed.

    I am curious about what the going rate around the country might be for such work....

    Thanks for you help ahead, mike
  2. paul

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    You have 8.5 acres of fescue seed and 7.75 acres of low maintance seed.
    Things I would need to know is what are they going to be used for and what specs you have for them.

    DOT work will be cheaper than ball fields

    Do you have to put any mulch on it?
    Any warranty you have to give?
    If this is just blow and go it can be done for $1500 per acre.
    If it's ball field work then figure $3000-$4000 per acre.
  3. morturf

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    from midwest
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    these are ringing an industrial park.....I already know that mixes I am using work in these types of applications. I will be a drop it and run situation. I do have a vested interest in it taking in that I will be maintaining the areas in the spring. Thanks for your help.
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    :confused: I'm glad to see this post, I just had a customer ask me to replant 18 acres of pasture (not maintained in 10 - 15 yrs)with grasses for horse pasture. I'm thinking, test the PH, adjust as required, as far as prep?? cut short with flail mower, then lime...adjust PH, plow it or power rake it??, seed (already talked to farmers & vet about right grasses for horses) just a lot bigger job than your typical 15,000 to 30,000 house lot, looking for suggestions - THANKS in advance I know someone at this great site will know the answers

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