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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Marek, Dec 3, 2008.

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    Does anyone have a large area turf renovator/ slice seeder ? Which brand do you have and how do you like it. Do you get much use out of it and what are you charging for it ? I might pick up a 66" Befco Green rite.
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    I have a LandPride 0S1548 and LOVE IT (pic of tractor and seeder is my avatar)!!!!!! This is my fourth season with it and it is a real money maker for me. Do you have much competition as far as seeding? If it and don't look back. First 2 years were a little slow...but once I BRANDED myself as a permium seeder, I get tons of work. I did 34 acres last year (did a couple large commercial jobs) and only about 21 acres this year which is more normal. If you get the machine and people see your will have more then you want later from what I have found!

    Every area is differetn as far as pricing so it is hard to say. You will just have to fill out your market. I charge a pretty good premium for my slice seeder...but I sell the quality of using this type seeder and it works about every time!

    I looked at Befco and they are a good unit..but the LP is built much, much heavier. I have a 35hp tractor and I wouldn't want any bigger seeder for it.

    You can find them used from $3-4K.

    You may want to PM or talk to Real Green on the pest forum as I know he has one of the Befco units!

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