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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Likestomow, Aug 25, 2002.

  1. Likestomow

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    I need to place a bid on doing approx. 1754 feet of bed edging on one property. If I were to secure the contract, I would consider purchasing a bed edger. These are all established beds, the owner just wants a formal look.

    If anyone can give me some guidance, I’d sure appreciate it.
    (I’ve never done this sort of work before)
  2. jamesday

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    Neither have I, and this may sound stupid, but is a "bed edger" different from a regular edger?

    Just curious.
  3. Ferdelance

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    If you are doing that much bed edging, you might consider purchasing a bed edger or renting one. The bed edger I use is the Trenchmaster by Brown mfg. If you can get ahold of one of these edgers, you can get different edging rotors. If you are just cleaning up an existing edge, the best edge rotor to get is the re-defining rotor. This rotor will not kick as much dirt into the bed as the regular bedmaster rotor. Make sure you get the Trenchmaster that steers. Good luck:)
  4. heygrassman

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    I did a job at the begining of the season that was 320 linear foot inside of 1/4 acre plot .. yes there were a ton of beds.. that took me about 2.5 hours to complete.. this is a little long but it was my first time with the Brown (which I also highly recommend) and that 2.5 included pulling out the grass that was mulched in, raking out the mounds of dirt and going over a few stubborn area (roots and hard clay) twice. I could prolly get that down to 2 hours now.

    Caution.. be vary careful around sidewalks - start a foot out and hand edge to the walk. Also, make sure that the customer outlines any and all wiring, irrigation, and roof drains that may be under ground. That Brown does not really care what is under ground. What ever it is, it want it to have a pretty "Deep V" in it..

    You can rent these for $80-100 per day. Might want to rent one for this job to get used to it and use the profits to buy one..
  5. mlc4163

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    I went to KY expo to check the bed edgers in person, I wouldn't even blink at renting a steerable model for your job. A lady was passing by with her son as I was about to demo the unit. I ask her if she would try it out while I watched for ease of use and speed. She redefined a bed roughly 8' or 10' in diameter in about 30 seconds! it was beautiful. I will second the comment about marking all wires and pipe. That thing flew through that hard assed sun dried clay, 4" deep, like it was warm butter. Dusty butter that is.
    Good luck
  6. jrblawncare

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    alot of good tips above......after renting a brown for a few jobs I had to own one...also great for installing edging.I try to charge by the foot .25 to .80........1754 X .50 = 877.00 if I'am "out in the weeds" with my price let me know.
  7. briancom

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    I rented a bed edger a few times, worked great, we edged this 1 yard about 200 feet of garden beds. We (I pulled on the handle and my helper pushed on the front of machine) Pulled the edger backwards and it cleaned a perfect V shape and put the majority of soil back into the bed, only had to shovel the start/stop near the concrete. Rented the machine $75, charged $1 foot x 200'=$275. whole job, from the time we took it out of the truck and put it back in was about 10 minutes, cleanup with blower and minor shoveling about 10 more minutes. Brown bededger worked flawless. We used two people because we had alot of tight turns and need some help turning.And yes it was the steerable model.

    I want to buy one but cant find a dealer selling one for less than $2400. If you know of someone selling one new or used , let me know.
  8. capetan

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    .50 a foot sounds good

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