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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Groundscare, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. Groundscare

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    Looking @ a bid for approximate acerage close to 700 every 2 weeks through the season. Most of all which is wide area mowing with very little trimming. Looking to bid around $35 per acer. There will be 14 cycles for the season. The crews would be mowing 350 acers per week for 14 weeks, Monday through Friday weather permitting.

    There will be (2) mowing crews of (3) men with Exmark Lazer XP Diesel with 72" decks & of coarse the striping kits for each mower. Each crew will mow an average of (35) acers a day. Also looking to purchase (2) Superlawn trucks for this account. These crews will be dedicated for this account only.

    We are also considering purchasing a wide area mower with at least a 110" cut for the larger properties.

    Looking for feed back, First time bidding this size of a contract. The contract will be for (2) years with option of (2) one year extensions.

    Payment terms are bi-monthly installments through the season April 1st to October 31st. This is our tenative plan, If someone has done this size of account before any ifo will help.

    Thanks again for all of your help in advance.
  2. steve122

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    several thoughts:
    Is this the first time this is being bid? Would be nice to know the paying history of whoever is spending this kind of cash.
    35 acres per day for a 3 man crew of mostly open mowing seems way low, especially if they are running 72" cuts.
    For the money you're talking about in payroll and equipment, especially if you have to buy to expand, I'd have a good lawyer right up a strong contract, if he can. Big problem is if they up and fire you and there is no good grounds for dismissal clause in your contract, you're left holding a big bag. Once in awhile you have to take a risk to grow, this sounds like a big one.
  3. MacLawnCo

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    If they only do half each week, then wont there be 14 cycles, but 28 weeks of 350 acres?
  4. SLC1234

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    Your production with a wide area mower and the 72" will be much higher than you are figuring. We do 55 acres of grass with a 120", 2- 72" and 1-60" with weedwacking and blowing in less than 7 hours. That is pretty much non-stop working but it is not all that hard sitting on a mower and weedwacking every so often. We carry weedwackers with us and each do a given area. Just my two cents.
  5. And you're going to make them look like lawns cutting every 2 weeks? (You mentioned Exmarks with striping rollers)
    And this is at how many locations and how far apart?

    Maybe I'm missing something. But it doesn't seem like enough.

  6. Bunton Guy

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    Sounds like you have to buy alot of equipment and trucks to start this account?? Plus 2 trucks and more employees correct???

    Sounds like your not ready for this type of work.
    I wouldnt do this account unless I had 85% of that equipment,trucks and labor ready to go.

    Does this bid have a bid bond??

    Accounts this large generally have their own contract for YOU to sign.

    sounds like a HUGE headache hanging over your head with ALOT of production to catch up on when you have bad weather?

    When billing is bi-monthly you will run through that money quicker than a blown 454 on gas!
  7. GrassBustersLawn

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    Good luck. Sounds like a great chance to make some big change. If I'm understanding your description: 700 (acres) x $35 per = $24,500 per mowing x 14 mow = $343,000 gross per year. Less cost of mowers, Super Lawn trucks, wages, gas, etc. You are down to netting around $100k. If all goes perfect. I don't know about Delaware, but in Indiana if I went everyother week in the spring, I'd be cutting 6 or more inches of grass off, which would drastically SLOW production, even with 72's. Also, will a roller do any good in the spring with that much clippings???

    Dedicating a whole lot of capital to one account. However, I would definitely take a shot at it!

  8. ronslawncare

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    wow goodluck to you i hope you get it.

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