Large Boxwoods want to die after moving them... Help!

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by YardMeister, Jul 20, 2004.

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    Is root pruning more necessary on some species than others?

    I x-planted at home, over the past two weekends,

    (3) emerald eunoymous (sp?)
    (2) dwarf alberta
    (4) crimson pygmy barberry
    (2) dense yew
    (2) bird's nest spruce
    (4) Holly
    (1) Blue pacific juniper
    (8) Globe arbortivaes in the dumpster. I hate those things.

    All of these shrubs were around 8 yrs old. I'm redoing the entry to my house, so I would like for these to survive, but would have been satisfied with a 80% or so survival rate. I would be hesitant to transplant for a customer this time of year. Actually, I recently did 3 yews for a customer, that were already stressed, plus they don't receive daily water (weekend home) and they don't look like they're gonna make it.

    Last week was very hot & humid. All have received lots of water, slow release fert, and compost. They all seem to have taken and look good -- all except for the blue pacific with is a little droopy.

    Wow. Sorry to ramble like that. so, the original question:

    Is root pruning more necessary on some species than others?

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