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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by packy, Feb 8, 2002.

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    Has anyone ever needed to list their equipment on a large comercial account? This account is some big money and the manager wants to know if I ahve enough equipment. What's enough. I know I can handle it with me and 2 other employees. I think this account like's the circus show some company's put on showing up with 25 guys. Should I post the equipment or really let him know that we can handle it with a 60, 48, 36 and couple 21 mowers. all new!!!
  2. Sounds like they may have been burned before. Give them your equipment list and references from comparable properties, then go from there. How does he benefit from having your crew as opposed to having 25 guys there doing his work?
  3. They have the right to even ask to see it also.

    They want to "SEE" that you have the proper amount and equipment to hadle the job, not just your word.

    They want "PROOF"..........

    I have done some muni work and have had a repersenative come to the shop to see all in person.
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    When we bid work for the city they want to know what equipment will be used and how long it will take to complete using this equipment.......I guess this is so you wont try to bid a 10acre park using a 21" murray and plan on mowing 6 days a week 10 hour days.......Only problem I see with this is they also want to know how much you charge per hour for each machine (they say in case they need you for an hourly job) Well all this info is fine and dandy for them but it looks like they can sit and figure out how much cushion is on top of the bid that I just turned in@@#!$#!

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    IMO, these people are usually a pain the ***. I didn't go spend all this money just to have some control freak micromanage the operation of my business. Tell me what you want done, and let me determine how to do it. However I can understand that they want you gone as soon as possible. Not everybody wants to hear a lawn mower run for hours at a time. For us it's the sound of money.
  6. Fantasy Lawns

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    I've never had this problem ... but have been ask for a bond (5% of contract) which usually shows "ability to perform" ;->
  7. bam

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    It has happened before, although I would say it's not a common request. One company requested a list of all our maintenance equipment, and another requested a list of all our snow removal equipment, in addition to equipment that would be specifically dedicated to their site for winter.
  8. skyphoto;

    Sounds like they're digging too deep into your business.
    I've never seen a request for a cost per machine hour breakdown.
    I hope I never do. I'd have to tell them no.
    I work by the "job" only. No hourly, but then I'm solo.


    I've never had to fill out an equipment list. But I always list my equipment with my bid.
    I get the feeling sometimes that if they could hire the equipment without me they would! LOL

  9. southside

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    Never heard of a price breakdown per machine hour being given to a client.

    However I have been asked for equipment lists and to see my
    gear in the flesh. A lot of customers have been stung by cheap
    and nasty operators.
  10. sheppard

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    Agree with most of the above comments. They just want to know you are legitamate.

    The best info you can give them even if they do not ask for it is customer references. Also consider putting them on your Insurance notification list. That tells them the Ins. Co. will notify them when you drop or change anything related to that Co.


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