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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kpmust, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. kpmust

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    have the opportunity to bid on two manufacturing plants one is 1,651,510 sq feet (38 ac) the other is 2,265,000 sq feet (52ac) of turf, the proposal includes turf cutting, weed control, removal, some mulch.. What are my options to price the lawn cutting part for such large areas.. Thanks. long time viewer first time asker
  2. edcolo

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    I believe, the more accurate your production rates are according to your equipment, the more accurate you will be to figure the final cost.
    Is there any trees? Is it completely flat? Do you need to bag? How big are your mower's decks?

  3. lawnrangeralaska

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    you should use like 4 exmarks 60" and 72" mowers to complete this job. but you have to increase your cost per hour with every new mower you operate. like two you could get away with 60 bucks an hour. but if you ran like 4 mowers i would be pricing my work at 80 dollars an hour. i price the mowers at 10 dollars an hour each. 4 times 10 = 40, bid 80 an hour thats 40 in your pocket a hour. or something close to this kind of bidding works pretty good. but then if you had 4 72"s that would make you finish the 52 acre in about 2 hours. thats not even must a hour then.

    minimal price for 52 $450
    minimal price for 38 $350
  4. rachel3511

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    Take the above prices listed and at least double them, preferrably triple!
  5. promower

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    :laugh: :laugh: If you want to be out of business use the above prices. Less then $9 an acre you have got to be kidding. Where are you getting $40 an hour in your pocket. You might gross $40 an hour, which would be ridiculously low for 4 guys mowing.
  6. YardPro

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    i agree with the above prices being WAY too low.
  7. rodfather

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    IMO, I think you can pretty much forget about "removal" for those 2 jobs unless you're gonna have a couple of 80 yard dump trailers standing by. Jobs those big predominately go a low #/acre ($20 or $25 an acre) is not unheard of.

    Knowing your costs and productivity are the key issues here.

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    Build yourself a spreadsheet to price it. Make sure you list everything included in the contract.(trimming edging pre-emergents etc) As far as the mowing goes you have to know your productivity. How long, how many mowers how many workers etc. Nobody can tell you what to charge.
  9. lawnrangeralaska

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    with four 72" exmark ztr mowing the 52 acres you would be able to complete it in 2 hours. if it is flat and hardly any trees to go around. lets see here 2 hours at 450 dollars um thats more then anyone on this site makes in one hour.... **** thats 225 dollars a hour. um sounds good. remember thats with four 72 mowers mowing at once.
    and i said minimal 450 right. thats what i thought.
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