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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by snipandclipky, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. snipandclipky

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    our company was asked to bid on a large commercial install project. we got the okay and we were told to be ready to install the plants and other materials at the end of march or mid april.

    Here is the problem: since we were supposed to start this spring we placed our orders last fall for all materials. we put a rush on some of the shipments and several account will be due and payable by the end of april beginning of may. the construction company calls on saturday and says that the project has experienced several delays and the project will be ready in september.

    I let them know the situation with plants arriving and invoices would be due soon and they say it is my responsibility and they will not front any money unless materials are stored on site.
    the project is 30 miles away and i will not take 30000.00 worth of plants to the site and have to drive all summer to take care of them.
    Anybody run into this problem before. any help or suggestions would be appeciated.
  2. Rex Mann

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    It seems to happen on all the commercial jobs we used to do. We don't do them anymore. You have no control over most aspects of the job.

    Try to work with the vendor on the money end of it. They may have had to deal with it in the past.

    Best of luck.

  3. landscapingpoolguy

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    Gotta try to work out something with vendor, BUT NEVER EVER purchase materials for a job with out deposits.....Sounds like you could get stuck for the whole nut. Worse comes to worse maybe some locals guys will buy em from you for there installs

  4. sgrprincees

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    If you have a contract, doesn't that say when the work will be done?
  5. GeoffDiamond

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    I could be wrong, but isn't landscaping installed towards the end of the project? Wouldn't it be in your best interest to visit the site during the winter to see how the project was going in the event that you would need to change your order?

    To me if you into that big of a job then you should keep in contact with the project manager. If you have to work to keep that contact line open, then so be it, it will only work in your best interest. If you had kept in contact with the project manager I think you would have know about this sooner. Or if you made site visits in January and the site work hadn't started then maybe you would have noticed the delay in the project.

    If you ask me the lack of communication might cost you some cash. However don't blame the project manager for not talking with you, it is just as important for you to seak him out.

  6. snipandclipky

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    from ky
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    i was informed as soon as march 1 that we would be on the same schedule but maybe an additional two weeks. i did stay in constant contact and they kept telling me to be ready we don't want delays. then they decide on several changes and this is apparently what is pushing the job back several months. as i see it i have done everything possible to stay on track for them and now they should accomodate me with some compensation. the contract says simply that there may be delays but only says they can't be responsible for delays beyond their control. even though it seems these changes were their decision.
  7. Mdirrigation

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    It sounds like you signed their contract , Always get a deposit to schedule work and for materials.
  8. kris

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    Ok ...they have already shown you a willingness to work with you .. they offered to pay if the material were stored on site. Fine with me .. I would make it clear that they will be responsible for security and there will be a charge for the visits to water. (get it in writing)
    We ran in to this with several large palm trees for an interior landscape. We got stuck holding them for a couple extra months. They payed for all the extra care it took to hold them.

    Most guys are reasonable and realize you have extra costs when this happens. If they aren't reasonable I wouldn't work with them in the first place.

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