Large estate shrub maintenance bid - help!


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North Alabama
I got a call yesterday from a gentleman asking me to give him an estimate on keeping all his shrubs and landscape maintained for the year. This would include 2 trimmings per year for the whole landscaping area, and 3 trimmings for some of the faster growing plants. Maybe some touch up on the mulch. He said he pays in advance for the whole year. He got my name through the man I buy my trees from wholesale.

Anyway, I am pretty accurate of keeping my hourly rate at $35-$40 with homes landscaped with the average 15-20 shrubs. I can just look at it and tell how long it will usually take me. However, when I pulled up to this home, it was like a nursery in comparison to the average home I tend to. I walked the property which was beautiful and counted plants. Here is what I came up with:

195 separate sections of monkey grass (once a year cut)
1 Weeping Willow - small (once a year trim)
80 assorted hollies of 3-4 foot diameter
41 nandinas 2.5 - 3 feet tall
20 hostas (once a year cut)
4 crape myrtles (once a year cut)
5 Ten foot tall evergreens of some variety
3 variagated shrubs 3 foot in diameter
and a few other assorted bushes

I don't normally calculate prices in the manner of x dollars per shrub, but I am thinking that might be the best way on this one. This property looks very nice and has been very well maintained. They said the reason they were getting new service is because the previous landscape person DOUBLED their price from the previous year.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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