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    We were contacted by our local elementary schools PTSO and they are asking for a bid to clean up an area on the schools property. What they are asking for is to place creeping junipers and pine straw on a large hill area that is currently overgrown and starting to wash away. The area is approximately
    15,000 sq/ft. They are hoping by adding the junipers/pinestraw it will help with the erosion problem. The hill is not that steep, but there is nothing on the hill other then over grown weeds. They also want to use round-up to eliminate the weeds. I already told them that the soil temp is to low for round-up to be effective at this time and that it may be better to wait until the weather breaks for this project. They still were interested in a price.

    My question is this, how many creeping junipers can you plant on a slope of this size, sq/ft? How many bails of pine straw would this take? Also, what is a fair price for this project including the round-up? Keep in mind that they are on a budget for this project which they would not reveal to me. There would be three of us working on this as well. Thanks in advance.


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