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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by wriken, Sep 9, 2001.

  1. wriken

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    I own a 60" ztr and am going to get a wb this winter, probably 48-52" I'm going to bid on 2 jobs one is 11.06 acres and the other is 15 acres. Question is I have a kubota L3000dt, 30 hp, thinking about getting a 72-84 in. finish mower for it, pull behind to put on these jobs. what do u think and anybody know how the cut looks. Thanks
  2. EJK2352

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    Depends on what finish mower you end up purchasing. There is a guy in my area that runs a Land Pride 3 point finish mower, and it cuts nice. I've seen other 3 point mowers that cut like crap. Have you considered a belly mount mower??? :) ED
  3. wriken

    wriken LawnSite Silver Member
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    Yes I have thought about a belly mower, not sure if they make it for this tractor. was thinking about Land Pride hard. would like you guys to know both jobs together have about 20 trees, pretty flat also.
  4. morturf

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    This ground fairly level or does it undulate? There are some really nice articulated pull behind batwing mowers out there. I know you can really know off some acreage with them. I know the golf courses here use them and they look very nice. Need a name let me know.
  5. Runner

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    Man, a batwing WOULD be the way to go on jobs like these. Just don't let one spoil you and start bidding jobs too low because of the ease of the massive cut. When you cut with ANY kind of wide area mower, it's easy to ask yourself if you're doing it for too much money. It almost seems unfair, with the amount of area you can knock out, but that's what justifies the cost of these implements.:cool:
  6. Eric ELM

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    If it were me, I would just use the 60" or get a 72" ZTR for that small amout of turf. Even 2 - 60" ZTR's would knock that out in a hurry. I can tell you this, a tractor is about half as productive as a ZTR unless this is long narrow turf areas.
  7. wriken

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    The reason I was thinking pull behind, was i think for $1000-2000.00, for the mower, and 1100.00 for turf tires and rims, it would be cheaper then another ztr. Because I already have the ztr, and am getting a wb. Also I've looked at 2 self propelled bat-wing mowers, one was a Jacubson (sp) 12 or 14 foot cut, good shape, I ended up knowing the guy that ran it for the local college said it was excellant running order, had a perkins diesal went for $5100.00 at the auction. can't remember what kind the other one was, I'd know the name if I heard it, but to me was in better shape and went for $4900.00 12 foot cut on that. Oh well did'nt have the cash then. If I can remember correctly the local Kubota dealer had a 11 foot brand new bat-wing pto, I thought he said 8000.00, I wish I had it all, LOL
  8. wriken

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    Oh I forgot to mention in last post, The 15 acre job is all together, no trees etc, 1 gentle slope. The 11 acres I divided in 6 parcels when I measured it out, sizes from 1680 sq. ft. to 121806 sq. ft. level as can be. see ya. Thanks
  9. Runner

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    You mentioned that the other wide area mower, you didn't know the brand right off hand. Was it yellow? Was it a Howard Price? Was it sitting right next to the Jacobson? Your local Kubota dealer, are they an Exmark dealer, too?
  10. wriken,

    Eric's 100% right. Add a ZTR.

    I've been targeting these large lawns for years. The only ones I've ever lost went to people with ZTR's. I just drove past one I used to mow yesterday, 13 acres and they were cutting it with 3 grasshoppers. They were done before lunch.
    Another job I used to mow, also 13 acres the guy does with a single ZTR. It takes him all day, but it looks good. He stripes it right down to the fence.

    A tractor on a lawn puts you at the mercy of the weather. Even more so when the mower is behind the tractor tires. I've only seen one bat wing pull behind mower. It's a homeowners'. They get way behind in the spring. With a ZTR you can mow during a rainstorm if you want to.

    They gotta be easier to trailer too.

    The ZTR reaches further into the large commercial market than a lot of people might suspect. right up to the large commercial self propelled mowers. I don't think the tractor mount mowers are even in the running.


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