Large Lawn-- What seed to use?


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Moulton, Alabama
I have about a 3 to 4 acre yard that is full of weeds and want to know what I should do from begining to end. I live in North Alabama and the lawn would receive full sun. I would like to use bermuda and need to know what the best bermuda seed is. Do I need to spray and kill existing lawn before I disk it up or what do you sugest i do? What kind of soil preparation do I need to do. Any help is greatly appreciated.



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South Jersey
I'm not from the same zone as you so I won't be of much help w/ see selection. You sound like you have some decent equipment so start off by getting a soil test at your local county extension service. This way you'll have an idea of your soils pH, pottasium and phosphorous levels as well as other micro nutrients. You shoud then spray the entire area w/ glyphosate (round-up) and wait 10-14 days to then "disc" the lawn. Grade out the soil, then applyu seed, and recommended fertilizers and lime according to the results of your soil test. Make sure you keep the soil moist. Again I dunno a whole lot about your climate zone. Here in the transition states, its always best to seed in the late summer or early fall. The soil temps are better, the grass will have time to properly establish in the fall & will be mowed a few times so a crabgrass pre-M can be applied in the spring. Also, the turfgrass will have ample time to establish itself to make it through a possible hot/dry summer.


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Selmer, Tn
Wait until temps average about 80. Don't even spray until then. Your probably looking at about the end of May. Seed it heavy. I would reccomend a good spraying service. They have cailbrated equipment and the knowledge to treat your lawn. If you seed in the summer you'll have to water regular. Late fall not good if temps drop. A lighter application of round-up can be applied to the turf once it's mature. Pre/m and Post in the fall.

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