Large Magnolia Installation

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by BrandonV, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. Paragon Ridge

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    What made you want to use a profile level instead of a tape measure?
  2. LawnMan19

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    Yeah, beautiful trees and that is an impressive job !
  3. BrandonV

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    we wern't using it for spacing, notice how even the tops of the trees are... it's key to set them in at a level that ensures they're even. you don't want to have to dig them back up because it looks funny.
  4. BrandonV

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    different project we're working on now... this one involved the paving contractor removing a good section of asphalt and we're turning the old parking lot into a "park" that will in turn screen this big ol cooling tower

    thought i'd share some photos since it's been slow around here lately

    Toms Creek Nursery & Landscaping

    river landing1.jpg

    river landing2.jpg

    river landing3.jpg

    river landing4.jpg
  5. italianstallion69

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    awesome spade and truck! im trying to buy a ford 9000.

    is that your telehandler? I so want one but site managers keep saying they tear up sites too much to bring them in. so we move stuff the ghetto way with skidsteer.
  6. BrandonV

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    it is our telehandler I don't see why you couldn't get one, the smaller ones (like ours) don't really do any more damage than a skid might actually do less since you don't have to "skid" it is heavier than your average skid loader and the big units will surely make a mess but this size and the similar units from bobcat/jcb/etc I think are a great alternative to articulated loaders, do much better in the mud in my opinion BUT they don't like uneven terrain that much... capacity wise though a skid can't compete my unit will pick up 5500lbs all day
  7. BrandonV

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    here are the final photos... climb up on top of the truck to snap a few.

    parking lot4.jpg

    parking lot5.jpg

    parking lot6.jpg

    parking lot7.jpg
  8. PerfectEarth

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    Great work. And nice plant material.

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