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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Exmark Guy, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. Exmark Guy

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    Today I took some estimates for a large mulch job and have a few questions. First off, the mulch needed is 14 cubic yards. There is also 439 feet of edging that needs to be done. (I measured with a walk behind wheel) I am going to rent a edger for 72$ per day, and think I should have bed edged and preped for mulch within a day. I am charging .25 per foot for edging, Is that reasonable? Then my labor is 25$ per hour. My helper will help me with the mulching. So heres the total break down-
    Mulch-14yds. @ 15= 210$
    Bed Edger-72 per day=72$
    439 ft. edging @ .25 ft.= 109.75
    Gas & Drive Time-30$
    Labor day 1-5 hrs. @ 25hr=125$
    Labor day 2-5 hrs. @ 25hr=125$ X 2=250
    total cost =796.75

    Do you think my prices are reasonable? Please tell me if I am charging to much or not enough. I dont want to charge to much for this job, then not get called back because I am to high, but I also want to profit. My main concern is the edging, is .25$ per foot good, or am I to cheap? Sorry for long post, I just want to make sure im not working for nothing on this job.
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  2. yardatwork

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    I'd charge per yard...$50-$65 (times 14 yards) + cost of yard of mulch and $.75-$1.00 per foot to edge. I would also do the edging with a spade shovel and my foot or a stick edger if it's an existing edge. Also, you won't be paying your helper $25/hr so your customer might question that.
  3. jblatti13

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    i posted a similar question yesterday for almost the same job you have. im bidding a job for 15 yards, 240 ft of edging, and a few hours of bed prep.
    my estimate came in at 1420, and most of the guys on here agreed that was a fair estimate, not too crazy high but not low either. even without there help, i would say you're low.
  4. Exmark Guy

    Exmark Guy LawnSite Member
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    Ok, so your saying I need to charge a price per yard of mulch I lay, Is that include preping the bed, or just laying the mulch. I think I will do like .70 per foot of edging, but I dont think I will do it by hand because I will be making a new edge, also, do you think my helper should be making less then me, Is that what you mean when you say customers will question my rate? Sorry for all the questions, I just have never done this large of a mulch job before.
  5. Glenn Lawn Care

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    you my friend are a what we call a low baller. i just pluged my numbers in where yours are and my estimate was $700 more then yours!:hammerhead::dizzy:
  6. Exmark Guy

    Exmark Guy LawnSite Member
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    glen, thanks, thats what I was asking, I am not sure exactly sure what I should be charging. I have only done small jobs before like 3 yards, so now when I put this bid together, I wanted to ask some of you guys and see what you thought I needed to do. And now, I know that I am way to low. By no means, am I trying to low ball. I just dont want to rip off this customer, but it looks like Im ripping off myself.
  7. jblatti13

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    as long as your not purposefully lowballing haha... no, hes right in a sense.
    and if youve done a 3 yard job before, what did that run? if you have a set amount of numbers, you should be able to plug them in and adjust anything, like travel time, how far from the dump spot are you taking mulch, stuff like that.

    but for 14 yards i would be nowhere under 1k, no matter what the circumstances are. hauling 14 yards around is not easy work.
  8. Exmark Guy

    Exmark Guy LawnSite Member
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    for those jobs I did before, the owner just bought baged mulch and I spread it for them, and only edged very little with a spade. thanks for all the help. I am now going to go through and adjust my numbers. I will let you know what I get.
  9. Shegardi

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    No offense intended, but I wouldn't get out of bed and drive out there for $ 25/hr. Also, if your helper is an employee on the payroll, you are not charging enough for him either after you add in your costs for taxes, etc.
  10. silverado212

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    Are you having the mulch delivered or are you hauling it? If you are hauling it $30 for fuel isn't gonna cut it. Figure 2-4 yds per trip. Best case 4 trips.
    Mulch = $xx per yd Covers mulch, time, fuel
    Edger = $100 You have to fuel it back up and your time and travel
    If you are having delivered mark up your price say 10-20%.

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