Large mulch orders.

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by eslawns, Apr 11, 2002.

  1. eslawns

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    I recentle bid on a small shopping center, which I estimate to need about 90 yards of mulch. I was wondering what options some of you could suggest for efficiently getting that amount of mulch spread. Before somebody suggests it, I already have an estimate to sub it to some other outfit with an Express Blower, and having it delivered to the site.

    I have a regular pickup, and can haul 6 yards in my trailer, but am looking at renting a dump body Isuzu NPR. I'm just trying to find an efficient way to do this. I have stayed away from large jobs like this in the past, but I get calls like this one or two times a week. That could be some serious coin, plus I could get all my other regular jobs done quicker also.

  2. f350

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    the express blower guy here is $36 yd for double shredded hardwood blown it. we charge $55 delivered and installed
  3. DaveK

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    F350, where abouts in MI are you? What county? I didn't know of anyone with an express blower.
  4. f350

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    ground efx in macomb township. ( 22-card road )
  5. McNeal Lawn

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    I did a large mulch job (70 yards) by ordering a tractor trailor load, and renting a tractor with a front end loader. Mulch was delivered for $14.00 a yard, and tractor was $200.00. I can only move 6 yards of mulch at a time with truck and trailor. So the way I did the job worked to be much easier, I did not spend time picking up mulch. I did some pricing of blown mulch for a job earlier this year, Walthop recycling qouted a price of $35.00 a yard.
  6. hardscaper

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    I was shopping around on the net and found this machine Mulch tender if you have more money then you know what to do with (a common problem in our business) buy one;)
  7. Commander

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    I am with McNeal here. Call up a mulch supplier. You don't want a middle man here, you want to deal with the people who actually make the stuff. They will send out a semi full of mulch for only a few dollars more per yard. Bring over either a skid steer loader, big backhoe, or an articulated loader. Have the semi dump the pile in a somewhat central location, which is still out of the way of traffic. You stay in the machine and move the mulch around from garden to garden and just let a few day laborers move it around in the gardens.
  8. sunrise

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    Anderson's in Prince George County I think its outside of Hopewell will bring a tractor trailer load to you for around 13.00-14.00 a yd.
  9. Lawn Man 5

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    Here is another one I found Take a look at some of those features it has.
  10. Lanelle

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    There are many mulch producers in the region that will deliver a trailer-load of bulk mulch. If this center has lots of small beds over a large area, consider using bag mulch. It costs a little more but you can move a pallet of it (5 cu yds) at a time. E-mail me if you are having difficulty locating either type of mulch.

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