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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by D_LawnCare, Nov 10, 2002.

  1. D_LawnCare

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    Hey guys and gals, I am pretty new in this business, but I have a great opportunity to expand my business right now. There is a very large property, actually the property consists of 5 different complexes, (student housing). Most of this job will be mulching, with about an acre of mowing per complex, but the majority is major mulching, and I mean alot of mulching. They basically want me to maintain the grounds, trimming shrubs, mow, and keep the mulch fresh. My question is how much should I charge for mulching. I generally charge between $40-$50 per sq. yd. for mulching, but what about something this big? Should I drop the price to get the job? I need some advice.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. MOW ED

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    Drop the price to get the bid aint the way I'd do it if I were the one that had to haul all the mulch.
    If you know your rates and margins then you should have no problem. Bid it like you are gonna be doing it but I never lower bids to get jobs. 60 a yard installed, no cutting beds for that either.
  3. KenH

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    You charge 40-50$ per SQUARE yard or CUBIC yard???:p
  4. D_LawnCare

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    sry, cubic yard. thx for spotting that!
  5. kutnkru

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    My advice to you pertaining the mulching aspect of your bid would be to find a wholesaler who can sell to you via drop shipment to the site by the trailer load.

    This way you should be able to purchase your product for under $12-15, double it, and add your labor rate to it keeping your numbers in line and still turning out quite a bit of profit.

    For example: When buying by the truck load (80/yds) at a clip, I get the prouct for about $12/yd, mark it up to $24/yd, add $25/yd for labor and still sell it cheaper than it can bought at the local nurseries at $50-55/yd (and thats without installation -LOL!)

    So if your buying in bulk you wont have to lower your rates to make BIG $$$.
  6. JML

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    Look around for one of those mulch blowing services, I think on my last job of 200+ yards of mulch, it was around $20 or $22 per yard installed. If I were to buy the mulch myself it would cost me around $10. It makes sense to sub it out..
  7. jkelton

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    Have you estimated the mulch volume for the complexes? I own/operate a mulch blower service about 180 miles from Knoxville (30 miles south of Nashville). If this is your first time bidding on a large property, make sure you take mulch area measurements (can usually be walked off). If are not comfortable with doing this, get someone who is. I have had many customers try to estimate quantities by just driving around the property (many times these are people who have been in the business for a few years) and end up not doing the math, which can bite them pretty bad. You do not have to have exact area measurements - the largest variable that you have to contend with is the average thickness of mulch you expect to put down.
  8. KLMlawn

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    $75 per Cubic yard installed here for double hammered mulch....

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